The highest level of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is for reputation

so, we imagine that if your customers have been looking for Mou Changqing, a search found a negative evaluation of this kind, this business is not very difficult to do, if your customers in your search, there is a lot of positive evaluation, the business is almost you

invited customer evaluation, it will take a little time for you, but this link reaches a certain accumulation, you will find the gains compared to this time very value. But this evaluation from customers tend to be more vivid, >

actually understand Shanghai dragon is very one-sided.

I will be divided into four levels, the first layer is the lowest is the keyword optimization, focus only on one or several key position; the second layer is the whole optimization, probability search keywords to pay a lot of attention; the third layer is the information coverage optimization, concern is in addition to their own website also, including outside the station and their related information on the search engine marketing network; Dong Jingyi believes that the highest level of the fourth layer is the reputation of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, in addition to the first three layers of content, pay more attention to the spread of word-of-mouth by Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon

by Shanghai dragon to allow customers to find you, this is the most basic. Let customers find you a positive assessment by the Shanghai dragon, find others to say hello, this is more important. Because customers are looking for more than just a supplier, customers are looking for a trustworthy and reliable supplier, that is to say, Shanghai dragon O, what is more important.

but the enterprise may have doubt, enterprises do not have so much experience and experience in publishing these content on the network, in fact, we do not recommend themselves to the enterprise network registered many say they do this vest, fake, sooner or later have to be found, if look, but also do not get. Customers to your business will be more assured.

we love Shanghai in search of the famous "mouchangqing", we found that his blog ranking first love Shanghai, but this effect is not to be happy, because the home page and a post called him a liar.

For example:


before we talk about Shanghai Longfeng, mostly in my website in search keywords what came in what position of such a level, the understanding of the Shanghai dragon, is nothing more than post, send links, change the code at this level.

enterprise should again rise to a height of word-of-mouth marketing, like Taobao in the seller, "pro, a praise!" as an integral part of the whole business flow. Every time after I finished a business enterprise, should take the initiative to invite customers to you to evaluate, and usually to a satisfied customer service, do not care for you to write some comments, and quite possibly a package for you.


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