Xiao Yao a few things worthy of attention in business competition

still has a lot of friends in the complaint, independent blog weight >

electric district races two, the chain group tools

business competition aspect, black chain weight

electric district races three, independent blog status of

Bo excellent contest, Xiao Yao remember a single page site in the top five for a long time, many people are puzzled, in fact Xiao Yao by analyzing what tracking chain of the station, see the single page site outside the chain of all black chain, black chain had to say talk about the black chain and indissoluble bound Xiao Yao, Xiao Yao 08 years beginning with the black chain dealing with, no black chain. 800 also have 1000, then through the search engine of the black chain reaction, the search engine is not the end of the recognition site that is a black chain chain see, many online friends said hung black chain has a eighty percent chance of being K, in fact, Xiao Yao through example, the so-called K station is hanging too much, just like you do when the chain, suddenly some time outside of you The chain regardless of quality or quantity is the time from the point of view are relatively high, you said search engines will suspect you cheat? Until the end of 09 years, Xiao Yao found love Shanghai on black chain action, but the action is not very big, and later appeared in excellent contest in the scene, so that in this year’s electricity supplier Shanghai Dragon Ring contest in the black chain how much weight is a very important problem.

Last year in search engineA few months ago,

a few days ago and the brothers in the group had a discussion about the topic of mass tool, Xiao Yao’s view is that as long as you detail operating properly, is the chance of K is very small, there is still a group of friends have negative thoughts, so the business circle game has a brother said take the cluster tool to test the effect of Xiao Yao, once had a page article called "correct view of keywords ranking optimization tool", which is the main content for the chain group tools Oh, so that only the business competition between Chinese and foreign chain group tools are also a big attraction.

2011 the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest begins today has in the past 14 days, Xiao Yao through search engines and electric district official registration posts to see a lot of friends to join the army in the electric business district, the game can be said to be like a raging fire, Xiao Yao yesterday from second core members where small business to learn daily, from the "electric business circle" the keywords to flow is about 80+, Xiao Yao by comparing the data of the excellent contest last year, the official propaganda and promotion is not in place, the whole process of witness Xiao Yao Bo excellent contest Shanghai dragon for 10 years, to meet the business circle of Shanghai dragon race this year, bear Shouyang also, the establishment of a blog, ready to take part in the business circle game, in 2 purposes, one is to look at his execution, the second is the contest has a lot of things, Following on from the small Yao slowly road to must pay attention to this contest in Shanghai Longfeng problems in er.

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