Yang Liang classic case analysis of micro blog Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon?Micro-blog

micro-blog named Si Yi is the micro blog of Italy, there is a father and son relationship with micro-blog blog, the blog of Shanghai Longfeng method "content is king, the chain for emperor" taking into account the construction of chain website the webmaster familiar, but the Shanghai dragon can blog translation to micro-blog on the line? Practice spirit, I deliberately chose to find daughter recently online heat ask events in the Yellow River, Zhengzhou is also a statue of Song Qingling turned the Yellow River’s daughter event. Why so many online events except the selection of this event, the first reason is the event enough hot and climax just past, only enough hot things can cause the rope engine attaches great importance to, and just after the climax, it can clearly see who is swimming naked. The second daughter of the Yellow River can be a new word, before these events didn’t write the words related to independent blog or even love micro-blog Encyclopedia of Shanghai also is not included, the interference can eliminate the irrelevant information. We fell in love with the daughter of the Yellow River sea search box, the information below:

2. from micro-blog’s point of view, love Shanghai now attaches great importance to micro-blog, micro-blog’s latest news as a separate column, row under the news information forum second.


1. there is love Shanghai the Yellow River daughter micro-blog information, this proves that micro-blog can do Shanghai dragon.

the first Cui Yongyuan to tell the truth, 5612904, radio 255 listeners she received.

from the second and third can see, Shanghai is love to take information from the entrance micro-blog this information platform to fall in love with the sea in the box. Next, we continue to focus on in the article, and micro-blog blog Shanghai dragon without a common method of. Micro-blog account black circled in the figure we learned:

, click on the go

love feedback information can be learned:

3. from the red circle that micro-blog live update time, love Shanghai attaches great importance to micro-blog, followed by two hours, three hours, four hours to update once, this is not love Shanghai every one or two hours to search records about micro-blog, this is because I want to go to work during the day, write only in the middle of the night, when the word day I found the Yellow River’s daughter, micro-blog update time accurate to seconds.

in the marketing that can attract the attention of the local, have the marketing value, but also will have the marketing personnel footprint. In 2011 China Internet most red than micro-blog, a micro-blog touched the hearts of countless friends, it is a new pattern of leveraging the internet. The rise of micro-blog such social platform, greatly split search engine traffic, let search engine issued "q-how can worry about" the feeling, as web site operators also follow worry, because our network promotion is follow the user’s eye. Micro-blog can make Shanghai dragon? What to do if you can

Through the above analysis of Shanghai

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