The search engine to the ultimate evolution of artificial intelligence

from the current view, Google founder had realized the desire of Google has become the world’s most successful Internet Co in artificial intelligence. The domestic search giant love Shanghai, also in two weeks on the open day technology is introduced in detail the "big data engine" plan, which referred to data mining and machine learning technology, big data application, as well as the future trends, equally exciting.

brain machine interface of our original motivation — the transmission of nerve impulses to the outside world and get feedback. And when we use search engine, is also the first to produce consciousness, and then transformed into input keywords to search engine, the latter through the search to match our consciousness and outside information, in repeatedly debugging, we find the exact answer. So, the search engine carrying us take the initiative to contact the outside world will, through value >

outside of the active consciousness

version of the dream goal is too far away, for the majority of Internet users, from our brain machine interface, recent application is the search engine, the brain machine interface is to provide us with a sense of initiative and the external environment interact in essence, starting from the brains of source consciousness, realize the contact and the most direct interaction with the outside world. Common search engine and brain machine interface is mainly reflected in two aspects.

brain machine interface (Brain-Computer Interface, also known as brain computer interface) research we interact directly through thinking and external machine, through the establishment of a brain machine linked to unified standards, to achieve the ultimate dream with the idea to control the machine "thought, is the important technology of artificial intelligence. The movie "the matrix" and "Afanda" in the conscious control of virtual world "Avatar"; "Global Future 2045" Russian scientists predicted in 2020 through the brain machine interface is realized by using Ray Kurzweil robot control consciousness; that 30 years after the human can be uploaded to the computer to realize their consciousness "Digital life"; the ultimate AI is achieved by brain computer interface.


to connect

, a brain machine interface prototype – search engine

K.K mentioned in the documentary "and the Brain" World baby aristocracy, he asked Larry Page Google in the early days, and now has a good performance of the search engine, why do a? Larry Page explained, not to develop a new search engine, we need to do is artificial intelligence. The search engine is the most important connection between our consciousness and the world of Internet, has a unique advantage, and accumulated in the long-term data storage technology, cloud services, super computing and machine learning, perhaps they will become the closest Internet application of artificial intelligence.


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