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, but the user hasn’t been fully developed yet. According to the big data APP monitoring platform, in January 2017, the wolf killed APP installed capacity in 1 million 660 thousand, and by June, has reached 32 million 420 thousand; APP penetration has increased from 0.18% to 3.60%.

when they enter, and in the six months failed to carve up the user market start-up companies, survival will be precarious, and want to live in the giants after admission, they will go from here,

in the future, there will be a lot of financing means, there will be a lot of people fooled, the industry wants to develop into

at this point in time, giants have entered. Interestingly, the early acquisition of capital chasing werewolves, killing APP, every day werewolf killing APP, in fact, as early as December 2016 has been on-line. Giants in half a year after the shot, precisely because the market is profitable, but the small players fighting has not completely separated.

personally think together competing reflects the current domestic run away Wangzhuan phenomenon:

April, YY launched a werewolf with joy, "happy camp"; in June 22nd, unfamiliar street game hall on July 12th, Tencent announced the werewolf; exclusive media launched "mewe werewolf" dinner; in mid July, the NetEase’s Pangu game studio development, but also the internal open registration stage "werewolf" dream quietly surfaced.

: there are at least 500 players in this market now." Li Yuchen, co-founder of werewolf killing every day, said. In early 2017, the werewolf killed the market, or a few companies to outshine others; six months later, only in APP Annie, werewolves killed search results, there are 600.

third, Chinese people do not correct their attitude: Wangzhuan Wangzhuan the industry in China after years of development has gradually formed the prototype, do not work hard, there will be more efforts to harvest; more likely to make a lot of money. This has become a standard in this industry. Basically in Wangzhuan industry to earn a lot of money is the network marketing elite, have never seen a big pie fall from the sky; people in the country do Wangzhuan always hold wearing pajamas, lying in bed, rushing into the pocket money, this does not want to try to make huge amounts of money to make a liar Wangzhuan thought pours. When we join together in the competitive scenario only recommended, but they do not see what to invest, just spend a few dollars to bid, then together competing on the only honest operation, he wouldn’t have run away thinking, because every day to his site cash flow is very little, he also needs to pay the promotion a referral fee, earning his own a little difference. It is because the majority of members are desperate to inside money, let Zhao Chengan see tens of millions of huge amounts of money into, so the desire to run away it devoured his thoughts.

the past six months, small companies compete for closecall

when the happy camp began in April to promote "werewolf" joy, "" joy "werewolf with 1.5%" in June 300 Top among the permeability permeability list, the current downloads reached 13 million 600 thousand. The continued increase in the number of users shows that this is an incremental market.

, people do Wangzhuan always cheat: he and Zhao Chengan did not straighten his direction from the beginning, from the early establishment of the website is holding on to leave the idea of cheat. It was invented by the Japanese by cheating on the auction site, and it was estimated that Zhao Chengan had been in the devil’s field for several years.


that’s one of the reasons why users haven’t been split up in the past half a year. Whether it is "dinner variety show" happy camp "or" temptation, still in the market cultivation stage variety. Li Yuchen introduced, although variety in the main promotion of its own APP, but every time the end of the program, all werewolves kill APP, including every day werewolf kill included, downloads will improve. Undeniably, through the variety, werewolf killed users channels gradually sinking.

in March, looking for Chinese hit customers, has reported that werewolf killing hot, not just because the game is fun, but also because of grafting social. However, no matter whether the werewolf is hiding the air of the game or the social outlet, both of them escape from the users and traffic. Giant’s entry will be directly for the flow of ice breaking, and even will directly close the werewolf kill track business starting the door.

, "the homogenization of werewolf killing is in fact impossible to achieve one."

second, the third party payment platform system is not perfect, the sense of responsibility is not strong, the vast majority of members in a meal after abuse have targeted the Alipay company, but this is not without reason. With the competition as a Alipay partner, Alipay is not on his mode of operation, the flow of funds and check? I believe that this is the technical level of Alipay, together with a few days ago. Don’t run away, Alipay company without any notice? Why in the announcement did not find any sign of cooperation, stop suddenly, as if all things have nothing to do with their own, this is irresponsible attitude obviously.

The starting point of the first

run away in all competition, investment Wangzhuan in the news is the most let Wangzhuan friends sad, in the past, most of them are investment Wangzhuan rob Peter to pay Paul trick; with competitive appearance, let the domestic make friends to see some hope, this is a new mode of operation, business. The main site, bidders and recommend people are a source of profits, the capital chain will not be broken, businesses get their profit, the main site has been divided into businesses, bidders get the right stuff, recommend people to a good percentage; then, in the premise of a a good prospect, but also run away together. Why?

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