sh419 theme promotion product upgrades two highlights function Qi lineFor entrepreneurs to wake up


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‘s alternate content for promoting collaboration as a theme?

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

sh419 theme promotion products were upgraded in January 24, 2008.


allows users to abandon competing products, choose you, irreplaceable is very important,

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theme promotion has two channels to choose from: custom channels and URL channels.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

tools, or fun, user pain points, product positioning,

New features after

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in my opinion, time and market are limited, but users always have the right to choose. So, what you have to do is not just let them choose you, but more importantly, let them choose you in a limited amount of time without choosing your competitors.

want to experience the theme immediately and promote the two new features after the product upgrade?

new channel statistics and the promotion of cooperation as the theme to promote alternate content function.

by setting up and using custom theme promotion channels, allows you to track more specific theme promotion code promotion effect; the use of URL to promote the theme channel, lets you track comparison containing a specific page promotion theme promotion effect. You can use up to 16 URL channels and 16 custom channels to utilize them to maximize the information needed to improve web site effects.


mobile APP is no more than two major categories, utility classes and fun classes. The tool class is like a wrench. It’s just for the screws; the fun kind is like shooting a movie. But these two categories vary widely: the tool class is difficult to do, not professional, bad wrench; fun class easy to use, as if today everyone can write a piece, shoot a movie. But life cycles and retention tools are obviously more durable, and fun classes are eliminated quickly. In the business model, the tool class ARPU low, pay a high rate; fun class is ARPU with pay rate is high, with more imagination.

since the second half of last year, sh419 for APP entrepreneurs launched "Golden Bear palm" a total of 3 roadshow, in the process of exposure to a lot of excellent entrepreneurs, but inevitably also some "not reliable" entrepreneurs. Behind these "not reliable" reflects the common problems, many entrepreneurs will face in this regard, privately I also make investments with friends had in-depth exchanges, hoping to share out to entrepreneurs how many wake up, walk less detours.

2. will be co promoted as an alternate content for promotional topics

here, we deeply appreciate the support and attention of the league members to the sh419 alliance,

The upgrade of

more League information goes on:

please refer to: what is the theme promotion channel?

sh419 alliance helps partners achieve success in their respective fields.

so, to achieve the ultimate pursuit of products at the same time, seriously think about your competitors who can fight the enemy.

in today’s highly symmetrical information, most entrepreneurs are "do not forget the beginning of the heart, the return of products" as a creed. So no matter in the personnel configuration or business ideas, products, the pursuit of technology played most incisive, make the user "see" function seems to depend on a single point of breakthrough, believe that all roads lead to Rome, but few which function truly irreplaceable. A lot of people understand that products need to be "subtraction", but they don’t have any ideas about how to do the right subtraction.

to parenting class APP as an example, what are you first have to observe APP parenting classes of users every day, are time consuming in what place, if your product function is just a certain period of time to solve the problems, such as storage to share their photos and videos, the child body uncomfortable, buy baby supplies, with the children travel products, then the user had taken to address these issues, the use of behavior, to a certain extent are your competitors, such as the studio, search engines, hospitals, supermarkets, travel agencies, and even cinema, playground etc.. It is cruel, usually small friends one day walk time is only 1, 2 hours, if the user’s time spent on watching movies or around the playground, you APP that are used have little chance.


1. theme promotion sub channel statistical function

to enhance the user experience and benefits to promote the theme, alternate content sh419 alliance will promote cooperation as the theme of the promotion, as the theme promotion without any matching business promotion content system will automatically display the promotion content for your cooperation. To promote the income of alternate items, you can view them from the theme promotion tab from the cooperative promotion effect report.

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