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the forces that act on you also act on investors. Investors tend to fall into the two category of concerns: Investment >


most start-up companies will finance many times. A typical trajectory may be: 1 to get tens of thousands of dollars from Y Combinator or personal angel investment, and 2 to raise hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to build the company, then 3 once the company clearly become successful, will raise one or more rounds of investment to accelerate growth.

if you’re an inexperienced entrepreneur, the only way to survive is to impose external restrictions on yourself. Don’t trust your instincts. Here’s a set of codes of conduct for you. At some point, you will come across the temptation to ignore these guidelines. Therefore, the most important rule is that these rules exist for a reason. If you don’t have the power to force you to go in one direction, you don’t need a rule to keep you going in the opposite direction.

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how to use the online content to make money, let pure advertising banners, pop, Flash disappear from your site? This paper will share with you the experience and suggestion that I introduce to you through your blog or personal website to make money the best and most effective way.

is the most important, for different types of pages and content need to adopt a different strategy, not a set of principles can be applied to all sites, the key is how to release through the system, continuous testing, experiment and optimization, to combine content and advertising. For blogs that focus on one area, Adsense can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and blogs that discuss high price information can even reach 5 Figure revenues. Without too much investment, you can enter the market relatively quickly. I’m not referring to the traditional sense

for the founder, the behavior of investors is often fuzzy, partly because their motives are vague, and they often deliberately mislead you. Misleading investors often combine the wishful thinking of inexperienced founders. At YC, we’ve been warning founders against this risk, so investors are likely to be more wary of the founders from YC. Nevertheless, we have witnessed the chain reaction between the two unstable components. 1

in two ways, financing is difficult: it’s like lifting a heavy object, like solving a puzzle. The former is because persuading people to give you a large sum of money is difficult for you. The problem can not be solved it should have been difficult. But some of the difficulties can be solved. Financing is like a puzzle because it is an untouched field for most of the founders, so I want to draw you a map.

you can consider using the following income means to tap your income potential as a small publishing company. If used properly, these channels can help you change your information site from hobby to competitive business.

patience and concentration can make your best quality pay off.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

, but most publishers don’t realize that it’s a strategy to do a good job of Adsense, and it’s not enough to just put the code on the page. The content of the website, the organization of the content, the method of writing the page code, the title used, the color and location of the advertisement, all of these factors greatly affect the advertising effect.

the real world could be more confusing. Some companies finance the second stage in the two phase, while others skip the first stage and go straight to the second stage. At Y Combinator, we found that more and more companies had invested before. But the typical trajectory mentioned in the first paragraph is basically in line with the development of a start-up company.

Abstract: investors always want more than they deserve, and even if investors are interested in you, he probably won’t invest. The strategy is to do the worst: investors just pretend to be interested until they give you a definite commitment.

this article focuses on the second stage of financing. That’s what YC’s company did at Demo Day, and this is my advice to them.

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