The two Yiwu stories of Ali and HUAWE are behind two great companiesTo this era of entrepreneurs h

this man is Sun Lijun, and spent the name of sun dasheng. Incumbent senior vice president of Alibaba group, general manager of rural Taobao project. In December 2015, sun Lijun, Ali became a member of the 34 partners.


about whether or not entrepreneurs brag well or not, everyone’s discussion has not stopped actually. Generally speaking, media and critics, even some well-known VC love story of geeks, mad, do not understand technology and traditional code of conduct is not talkative, but because the technology level is particularly strong, write code like art, but also a good thing to throw the helve after the hatchet. So he succeeded. Is this a reality? No, it’s just an Internet entrepreneur imaginable.

? The reality is, don’t give the entrepreneur portrait, this world is all sorts of strange things, people can boast the thing finally made to many people, not for example. From the point of view of appreciation, we all like handsome and not talkative, but from the point of view of the company,

What is the

joined the company, the company sent him to Jinhua region to do a grass-roots salesman, responsible for the local B2B business "China supplier" development. He lived in a farmer’s room in Jinhua for a time, every day on the green train, from Jinhua to Yiwu to meet customers. To save time, when he got on the train, he began to call the clients and make an appointment.

: This article reprinted from the workshop to experience ID:ClecChina, today to share with you the two story happening in Yiwu.

has such enthusiasm, his work performance can be imagined. In the first year of entry, his sales performance of the entire company, sixth, became the "new king"". Over the next few years, his performance continued to rise until 2006, when he became the company’s sales champion. I asked him, what is the most important sales tips he said, there is no secret of sales, the most important thing is "to" two words, is a strong desire and faith will reach the mission.


green train known as dirty and messy, not to mention the country’s super slow. The villagers laughing outside self-assured or supercilious, next to a cage chicken cluck, a pig is normal groan and moan. In order to avoid the influence of their professional image in the eyes of customers, every time the phone, he is looking for a relatively quiet corner in the trunk, trying to talk with the greatest voice, began to communicate with customers: "Hello, my company is Alibaba……" The conductor of the train noticed him for a long time. Half is admire, half is distressed, every time see him on the train, the conductor will give his special compartment compartments to him, let him in and customer call. So he fought for more than an hour on the road.

in 2007, Ali asked me to attend their executive class. I asked the company to recommend some typical staff members to give me an interview before class. One of the employees told me the story. The employee joined the Ali Co directly after graduating from Zhejiang University in 2002. At that time the company’s policy is not to recruit graduates, he moved for a long time with the HR department, and finally was able to join Ma approved.

Ali years, precisely because there is such a group of running in Yiwu, Yongkang, Dongyang and other remote small town selling iron, Ali was able to earn their first pot of gold, smoothly through the winter cold their entrepreneurial process. With Ma’s words: "this time, you fight with competitors is, who?"

The most difficult

out of curiosity of new things, love and passion for all the new App inside the coupon, I booked a beaver family Manicure. After I tried in my bestie group to share the experience: 1, App design is done well, from an order to payment are very smooth; 2, Manicure division is dedicated, bring their own shoes, do not drink water without toilets; 3, the majority of child mother, occupation women no longer entangled no time to Manicure shop. Then one will speak on defeating bestie: you are not always the most objectionable flicker, but the beaver home God carved do ah, you all right?


is the most important, he has to do the nails, such a small thing, exaggeration to: Beaver, is a project to change the world, just Manicure an entrance, there will be more "craft project" will slowly expand, "tear down" more stores, from dozens of the industry more and more craftsmen, make it become the freedom of occupation. According to ordinary, I really sneer at, you think you are ma, Zuckerberg?.

that’s a good question, and only those who really know me can do it. Then, for the past two months is the beaver family shuabing. The founder of a mobile project, in two months to write three "soft Wen", and there are people who are willing to spread freely, it is rare. In August 29th, the internal mail exposure: third 1 billion, October 17th O2O victory and defeat, and October 23rd "how to quickly detonate a new brand", who have read the great sigh, this person really can flicker.

the first story is about the Alibaba.

at the beginning of the twentieth Century, people were enthusiastic about the aircraft, just as it is on the Internet, and everyone was itching for it. Probably never heard of Samuel · Langley, he was considered the most important is the foundation of success, the defense department gave him a huge $50 thousand development aircraft, the money is not a problem, he has been working at the Harvard University, has the most extensive network, he hired the best person to have money. "New York Times" to him in.

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