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shlf1314 has gone, but it has given the grassroots webmaster some thoughts about how to survive. Although there are all kinds of big and small alliances at home, but there is no one alliance is so suitable for grassroots webmaster, not high door, involving extensive advertising, good reputation. However, I still do not think the advertising alliance is a long time, so I am glad that I have really done the site for 2 years, did not join any of the advertising alliance. shlf1314 is gone, so I am very calm, because I never rely on it! The reason is simply that the price of the Internet Alliance is really the price of migrant workers. I remember I posted shlf1314 ads at 2000 of the site IP, and that was $0.2 a day. So I removed all the shlf1314 ads that day. The following is a new ad I’ve received recently.

in fact, the entire Internet can make money more places to go, why single hanging an alliance tree?. Technically, I believe that even with my own technology, I can earn more money than the advertising League, and I don’t need a website. Here’s my early reply from the head of the forum. I remember earning 100 of my classmate’s 600RMB in 2 days less than 6 hours of actual work. Here is a screenshot from my original reply,

Li Xueling stressed that the YY listing is a different phenomenon, Chinese stocks in the United States window is not open. pictures from start-up nations


Li Xueling said, before and after the YY listing, the U.S. stock market has 7 listed companies, of which 4 straight home did not appear, there are 1 to 18 times oversubscribed, but listed the day down 18%, another 1 had to offer price by 3 dollars, so the American stock market is very not good.

from the first day of November 21st, $10.5 in, rose to $14.17 in November 30th, the era of togetherness YY Nasdaq:YY listing has had a good start. On Saturday held entrepreneur conference, celebrations of the times CEO Li Xueling for the first time publicly listed YY share and the experience and entrepreneurship in 7 years.

2011 06, Hangzhou based Alibaba Alipay group equity transfer event, bring heavy influence to the integrity of Chinese stocks. The chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba in order to meet the provisions of the Central Bank Ma said on the third party payment, will be transferred to the Alibaba by Alipay group personal holding company.


later, Ma announced that the Alibaba group give a one-time cash return, the return of the amount of Alipay in the total market capitalization of listed 37.5% IPO basis, not less than $2 billion and not more than $6 billion. Caixin media founder Hu Shuli said, contrary to the principle of contract Ma support of market economy, this event may have a direct impact on the company’s overseas investors Chinese trust, the "Alipay discount".

"the whole American stock market is in a very bad state, and the US stock market does not recognize China’s stock. There are two reasons for that." Li Xueling said, "first, they are afraid of stealing; second, they are afraid of stealing.". "Steal" refers to the financial data is false; "dark grab" refers to the founder of the company’s assets transferred without permission.

"you buy a stock, suddenly one day, the stock you buy does not exist, although the stock is still in my pocket, but the company has no idea who belongs to, this to the Chinese stock caused very big effect." Li Xueling says.

fortunately, our issue price is reasonable, at the bottom of the pricing range, the listing rose 7.6 percentage points on the same day." Li Xueling stressed that YY is actually a different phenomenon. "I don’t think this phenomenon represents the Chinese concept, which has opened the window in the United states."

The window was closed

in Li Xueling’s view, the enterprise can not know whether the capital market is good or bad, entrepreneurs in order to determine their own destiny, the only way is to the company’s business, products do well. Entrepreneurs and capitalists are not the same, the enterprise should take five years of vision to see their own public

units are almost all that demand little thing, that is to say, can not earn a few money. Pop, forget it. 4 yuan 1000IP is better than a peasant worker. Take this 1000IP to do what is not good! Of course, there are some expert do monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars, but it is very cattle people. Most of the webmaster can maintain about 2000RMB a month, it has been considered good.

at a very early age, I had a classmate in A5 to see themselves through the A5 forum also do not remember with a monthly income of tens of thousands, is probably the first study, you are interested in some kind of program, and then their own development. Sell it to someone else. Now that A5 has a cash mission on the line, a lot of moneymaking opportunities are there to see if you want to get one yourself. Do not think that they are not talented technical personnel can not earn money, China’s hundreds of millions of Internet users, rookie occupy the vast majority. Even with the owners, some people even use a CMS like mumbo-jumbo research study for half a year. Why did Hao123 succeed? He could prove that many rookies were like me. He was expected to die early. Because I never go there to find websites, because there are too many people who don’t know the technology, so the network has a lot of opportunities to make money. Chinese Internet, never lack rookie. For the rookie to provide service now more cattle, B last time, my website want to revision, suffer from their own without art. 300 yuan, please make an original home page >!

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