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Hello, I said the following website, also does not have any relationship with me, please don’t say I don’t think I’m soft, long winded, thank you


I got into touch with the Internet when I graduated from high school. Very late, the first Internet access on the network, and then in the major forums to see those masters, I feel very envious. Later I dreamed that I could become a hacker programmer, but that was too difficult. If you just use some software to do some theft, QQ and so on, so I am also very disdain, and gave up. Later, I learned something about building a website, and I felt that it was fun to build a website that I liked. What do not understand anything, it has been in the network until now is about.

08 March, suddenly want to do part-time job. There was a company called, and it was next to our school, so I went. At that time, the company told me the role of information, the benefits of doing information websites. On several occasions, I was tempted to formally join their company. The company has several training sessions a week, so we (and a lot of people doing it at the time) have more confidence in building this website. Later told us about MLM, direct marketing, distribution, talk about Amway, talk about Alibaba, talk about HC, let my heart is very surging.

at that time I wanted to join the network department, but the company said the lack of people, the network is not recruiting people, I can try the information collection department, and if I do well, you can turn to the network department. The information acquisition department simply posted some information on the company’s Web site, when the company’s target was Anyang, then Henan Province, and then to the country. But Anyang has very little information, hardly any. The company organizes people to collect it in the city on the weekend. I did collect some. The website also has some popularity, the day IP biggest ever breaks through 1000. At the time, we were both the first in the search for the supermarket and the supermarket chain. In Anyang, we have the largest amount of local information, but now we can’t do it.

When we joined the

, the company said every week 30RMB salary, we only need to send enough 18 real information and training to finish the course was second weeks, was sent to 30RMB, after a week of training feeling really good, then, let us develop offline, if after the business line will give us much of the commission. Feel better, do it more attentively. Later, wages are not made, also feel shy ask, I think the company is forgotten, then ask the boss (the person in charge of the company’s boss) how, said the salary is training fees, are we listening to the first week of training to our aid. At that time a few people who went earlier. I fainted for a long time, so the company flashed us. But I remember posting on the publicity page saying "30" every week. I was not satisfied with the heart, or hard to insist on what can be done in the end.

originally only let us collect school information, such as selling computers, selling bicycles and so on. School information collection >

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