How to explore your strengths and make a profitable website

many webmaster friends in the website for how to make money and distress, in the end what kind of website can make money?. The answer is very simple, only with their own advantages to do the website, make money more easily, I have a good friend, he told me that time is here, we all together to study how to affiliate cheating, how to do garbage flows.

, a year ago, he told me he didn’t want to be a garbage collector, wanted to be a regular website, and wanted to be a website that could be a real career. In the twinkling of an eye, one year later, I met my friend on QQ the other day. I asked him what he had done. He sent me a web site. I opened it. It was a wholesale package website.

I said, "this is you this year to do the regular site? How much money they can make the site a month?" he sent a silly expression, said: "this site is my brother and I do, now a month profit of about 20 thousand, but this is not the most important it is important, our income is very stable, and will be more and more high"

I have asked "half believe and half doubt more than 20000 a month? How did you earn?"

he said "my brother is doing wholesale business, I was doing the network, so we made this bag wholesale site, provide the entity shop wholesale, and Taobao shop on behalf of the delivery service, because we have a lot of local bags factory, and my brother had worked with them, so we get the prices of goods are very cheap.

because of the price advantage, the development is very easy, I went to Taobao to sell the package with several shopkeepers talk about them with delivery, they looked at our price, do more than they now supply a lot cheaper, so there is a part of our agency. My daily work is to find Taobao agent, my brother and sister-in-law is responsible for the purchase and delivery, after a year of hard work, we have developed a network of more than 300 sales points, in addition to some of the store to purchase shops. Now, my brother, my sister-in-law and my girlfriend, four of us are busy, and we’re going to ask two workers to help us,

listened to the friend, I thought of the past always hear people say, is the webmaster of the industrial network with the way it is now so, only through the network to do business can make a lot of money, like I do every day of garbage flows, the study of advertising alliance advertising fee, is not what big development. But not everyone can find cheap sources of goods. Many people have no wholesale factories in their hometown. What should I do? My friend gave me some advice about it.

he said. "In fact, everyone will have some advantages over others, but they may have not yet discovered, your strength may be one of your hobbies, or specialty in your hometown, or some friends of your resources."

"there’s someone, because love is fun."

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