The development model to see a local community website Hualong Lane

local community website, is the public leisure life, sharing and communication platform, as long as the community has enough life information, good communication environment, sharing resources, many people will fall in love with this linger, community, community became regulars. How to do this, you will see The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount.

Changzhou long lane is consumer professional media set consumption, information, life as a whole, with high visibility in the local. Citizens are happy to share information and communicate with each other harmoniously. Hualong Lane Community from the end of 05 operators so far, operation time is relatively long, but Changzhou has become the largest consumer portal, a lot of model worthy of reference. This paper at long lane is how to do today.

1 opens the "focus visit altar" section, focusing on people’s livelihood and providing a platform for the public to express their voices.

due to regional limitations, users in every local community will be more concerned about local hot news. For example, rising house prices, unsolicited water prices and other people’s livelihood news, users need a platform to discuss these information. Many local community websites will open such sections, attracting and retaining users by focusing on and discussing local hot spots. This is the stage of the development of the site, the first to retain the user, and then gradually improve other content of the site.

2 highlights the feature section, providing gourmet information and enhancing user stickiness.

Qian Yu said that the development prospect of local community websites is the platform for consumption, information and life. Food and clothing, is the basis of people’s lives, and guide people how to "eat", and provide information for users of delicacy. This is the special section of long lane, as long as eat delicacy, the first time to search for information on the community. "City delicacy" is the first major sections of the community, "looking for hotel" provides an introduction from the popular dishes to block, the per capita consumption for the user, provide detailed information for users convenient user delicacy, contrast, query. Through this feature section, so that more users know the community, and form stickiness, and promote the development of the site.

3 organize large group buying activities to facilitate the user’s life.

group buying activities more troublesome, related to money problems, but also a large number of other problems may occur, but if you do a good buy group activities, there will be unexpected results. A forum developed to a certain stage, after gathering a certain popularity, users need community launched some mutually beneficial group buying activities to facilitate user life. For example, this time the Dragon Lane launched the "purchase Festival", the community to provide users with the purchase price concessions, expert consultation, legal support, Home Furnishing decoration and a series of supporting services, bring tangible benefits for users. This activity not only increases the stickiness of users, but also improves the reputation of the community. At the same time, it also allows businesses to make profits.

4 development SNS Social Forum, improve user experience.

‘s work on the long lane, "

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