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although search engines are constantly optimizing algorithms, with a view to more accurate judgment of website quality, enhance user experience. However, no matter how the search engine changes, how to make people think uncertain, high-quality content without exception, more and more attention. Early general master will optimize the essence of "content is king, the link for the emperor" eight words, and content, especially high-quality content (even if it is copied and reproduced), the one and only original content, more and more the favour of search engine. Search engines give original and high-quality content rich sites, giving high weight, on the one hand is in line with the user experience, because users look forward to more valuable information. On the other hand, it has also played an exemplary role, so that many sites follow the example, together to enhance the quality of the site and deliver value and make unremitting efforts. Professional website construction company pilotage science and Technology (www.joyweb.net.cn) believes that the original writing both to convey value, but also for the search. Because the user is fundamental, so we have to pay attention to the quality of writing, and optimization is the way, in order to make the value more quickly and more fully display experience, so we can not ignore.

one, user experience and search optimization is not contradictory,

mentioned optimization, you first think of what, stack keywords or copy copy, you can be sure that in the industry, more than half of the site production staff, that website optimization is cheating. Due to the previous bias, many webmasters and even some search engines believe that the site optimization is not the sun, is deviated from the value, far from the user’s behavior. In fact, this is a very serious misunderstanding, whether from the website optimization, or from the search engine, the user experience is the refuge and purpose. Web site optimization is not limited to search engine perception and recognition, but also to enhance the user experience, such as improving the speed of web access. So the user experience and cognitive search both is highly unified, more people think that the highest level of website optimization even if the user experience of Web site optimization promotion, it comes from the


since the website optimization and user experience is not contradictory, then the original writing in the attention to user experience at the same time, also can perfect take into account the website optimization. For example, around the established site theme writing, because there is value, on the one hand, allows users to perceive the quality of the article, access to sufficient information. On the other hand, in the middle of the article can also be reasonable layout keywords, so that search engines more easily feel the theme of the site. The key part of the text can also be used to anchor text links. It not only facilitates users to read relevant content more quickly, but also increases the inner and outer links of the website. It can effectively improve the effect of website optimization. In the original article layout keywords, the effect is much greater than meaningless stack and malicious high-density anchor text links.

two, transfer value is the basis of original writing

for whom and originality, the author in the near future writing, "website construction rich, content to original, but also to deliver value" has conducted in-depth analysis, originality is not only to search for content

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