There is no need for mother and child websites to fire up

recently, the cradle network has become IT news hot spot, it seems a bit sudden, but in fact it is a matter of course. But I think, cradle network reputation, not only because it is the first domestic maternal parenting vertical sites, and won the "2008 top commercial website parenting class first, China venture capital value list the most potential top 50 enterprises" and "Red Herring 100 Asia (red herring fish Asian top 100)" a series of awards, but it has expanded Internet innovation, creating a new business model.

businessmen all over the world know that women and children have the best money to make, and I extend one layer, that is, women before and after the birth and children of 1 to 3 years of age, the best money to earn. In the China society as an example, the "421" family structure, "Little Emperors" special status, for investment in advance…… Wait, have decided, he (she) infants and their mothers, is the most concentrated rich Chinese family "investment", the money spent, will only spend, not spend less; do not spend the money spent, do not feel bad. As a result, the mother infant economy has evolved into a vibrant industry, and is a commercial bonanza of the most developed value and sustainable investment potential.

China baby industry association data show that China’s 0 to 6 year old infants and young children amount to 108 million, with an average of 5000 yuan per child spending estimates, the market’s vision capacity will be 500 billion yuan. According to industry estimates, China’s 0-6 year old child care market has a market capacity of about $330-400 a year. Earn mother and child’s money, as long as your product identifies the physiological and psychological points of the mother and child, it is absolutely no worry about the market. In the past, maternal and child products from the traditional business model of marketing, geographical and time constraints, the Internet, maternal and child products marketing a tiger with wings added. For the web site, this is just a fulcrum, in fact, around the mother and child can do a lot of articles, it can cultivate a new network industry.

mothers need to accept parental education. Just yesterday, I found a "baby & mother" magazine in the home of friends unintentionally, is a province of the office of women’s Federation, the content is just some pregnancy and baby care knowledge, pricing 25 yuan, said with a circulation of up to about 200000. It’s great today when the journal market gets depressed. In contrast, the cradle of electronic magazine is a 0-3 year old child care during pregnancy, electronic magazines, professional knowledge of mother and infant in one essence, content is richer, more information, spread more quickly, mothers reading more convenient, more money. According to the survey report shows that nearly Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 30 million newborn China every year, and parenting knowledge and experience of young mothers are more than 7 from the network, the number two is enough to prove that the network content of the great demand for childcare.

baby nurses need nursing knowledge. The times are developing, the society is progressing, the traditional way of parenting has accumulated a lot of valuable experience, but scientific Parenting

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