The success of marketing strategy for education and training portal

With the rapid development of

society, the burden of population is gradually increasing, competition can be described as white hot, and the social demands for our own skills are getting higher and higher. Modern people can not be satisfied with the knowledge learned in school, instead, they are more interested in vocational skills and knowledge, and various skills training institutions have developed rapidly. How to keep your training team ahead of you is critical and the easiest thing to judge. If you want to stand out, the traditional marketing channels can not meet the demand, we must dig more new, more attractive to the eye of the new road.

, a search engine optimization: obviously, nowadays, optimization is a very important aspect for the network marketing, optimize the website, so that more users can search through the search engine, to enhance the brand and benefit is very intuitive.

major advantages:

1, in front of the natural rankings, will make the school’s reputation more widely disseminated.

2, bring more traffic, precision marketing can bring more customers.

two, and the blog marketing: edit a high quality articles (i.e., of course, contain soft) website information dissemination through the blog and a series of methods, the user can click on the URL or enter the URL to the website.

major advantages:

1, the use of articles to form word-of-mouth spread, so that the visibility of the school has been improved.

2, the use of the blogger’s own opinion leader role, for the object of reading brand image.

3, students interact and master their movements.

three, news marketing: the production of news sources, if you can publish on major mainstream websites, is successful. It will enable more people to understand the educational institutions and form potential consumer groups.

major advantages:

1, high transmission rate, can be reproduced, saving costs.

2, the use of well-known website influence, enhance brand image.

3, interact with potential students to facilitate the orientation of potential students.

four, micro-blog and QQ signature marketing: similar to television advertising, website promotion will sum up a word out, a mass ten, ten hundred.

major advantages:

1, spread faster, convenient, fast and easy to operate,

2, for word of mouth communication

3, expanding the potential user base

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