Since the media and how to break the operation of the bureau This little map tells us the answer

today, the new media, entrepreneurship, dissemination of the show of thinking, change and confusion, even more than before.


world is different from the social network in its early stages. In the past, as long as the opening of accounts, serious things, you will get good results – countless users and eyes, attention, waiting for you or businesses to provide services, content, naturally nowhere to go. But today, the cost of getting fans and the sharp rise in browsing costs have long been a metaphor for gameplay.

yes, social networks, including micro-blog and WeChat, still provide huge traffic and users, but the ways and means of getting it long ago want to change. But there is no need for grand narrative, from the small data around us, we can see many, many guidelines. Still, you can start with the background data of the WeChat public account, which is accessible to everyone. Not for anything else, because everyone can open, look, and contrast.

, for example, when a friend came all the way from Shunyi on the weekend, she talked about the topic. She ran the company’s official account. Open the background to see, about 13 thousand fans, updates are not more diligent than me, about a month down 2-3 articles, but each 4-6k or so reading quantity, the long tail is very amazing, do not send the day, there are 300-500 readings.

watch fans add speed, and share the amount of basic implementation of the 1:1, that is, the 1 share brings 1 new fans. This is a very nice situation, because only in the early development of WeChat public accounts (before 2015) can achieve this generally, and now, only a small number of excellent public accounts in early development can do. I can’t get my account number. Well, that’s not what she’s talking about today, but her reading source data distribution:


, like this picture, people look at it every day. What do you mean by that? I generally understand this:

1, dialogue. After the bulk, the user opens the reading directly. This section shows the degree of fit between content and fans, that is, familiarity with user stickiness and the quality of the content. Usually, this is not good for the more than, because the content is not spread out, just spread in specific populations.

dialogue is followed by account positioning, target groups, content selection, etc.. The foundation is well done and generally not bad.

2, buddy. Share with friends and groups, that’s all. I asked my friend in particular if she had thrown away the flock.

had seen a large, this part brings the reading accounted for more than 30% general practice is to throw all the WeChat group, this approach not only for the quality, I see the queen is not good, because he read the whole volume is only about 5%. This means not throw throw, the account is fundamentally a problem.

friend replied, "no.. That would be great. And dialogue >

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