Stationmaster do not touch edge ball for society also for oneself

ask what most webmaster do website easy to flow the fastest, the most money? I will answer as beautiful pictures class, there may be a webmaster to quietly tell you: you can play the edge ball, is not illegal, but also can make money. In the end what is playing edge ball? National laws and regulations expressly prohibit the establishment of pornographic content related sites. This kind of station flow is very high, make money quickly, without doubt, but it violates the law, endanger the society, stationmaster absolutely can not do. The state has increased efforts to crack down on pornographic websites, from the Ministry of installed Green Dam Youth Escort software to CCTV exposure Google to the Ministry of health Web site is strictly prohibited to carry out scientific research in the name of dissemination of pornographic content. The country is determined to cure pornography on the internet. Therefore, most of the webmaster also know that pornography station can not do, but not lucky, if caught, light fines, heavy sentences. But can not help the temptation to flow, so many webmasters chose to use legal sites to touch the ball. The edge ball, as the name implies, between violations and violations, might just use explicit text and picture exposure to attract Internet users, but it is difficult to define as pornography, "partly veiled" by using a variety of "soft porn" content to attract traffic.


site is not walking a fine line of personal Adsense patent, like Sina, Sohu, Tencent, these large portal sites also have different types of harmful information, especially some of the two or three lines of the portal site, in order to compete for traffic and a large portal, walking a fine line, many columns have some explicit text and pictures. Especially the first video, headlines, party and blatant content flooding. These large portals can not escape into the "soft pornography" brought about by the whirlpool of interest, personal Adsense can not escape. Many photo sites are full of explicit content, and some even involve pornography. All of the webmaster has become explicit keywords required.

indeed, these content and keywords can bring a lot of traffic to the website, and your advertising revenue will increase exponentially. But the owners have not thought about, often in the river walk, which have not wet shoe ", on the one hand, when you try to spoil the edge ball sweetness, must want to benefit more people, always greedy, not careful site may actually have pornographic, this can not make play. Do you often go to the network monitoring unit will be the place. On the other hand, the state has repeatedly strengthened the supervision of network content, and now also pay attention to the "touch ball". Recent jurisprudence owners were arrested in the news, such as: Yiwu a "confused" students caught actually built porn sites to make money, after 80 college students do porn was arrested may be jailed for 10 years. It is not difficult to see that the country is determined to strike porn station, have been caught pornographic webmaster news release can also be regarded as the "soft porn warning", so even after the edge ball is also likely to face legal punishment.

hit edge ball great harm, stationmaster net satisfied for webmaster do not play ball, which is not only for the sake of society but also for their own sake.

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