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just saw a local portal site webmaster to join the unlimited prospects need to think twice "article in the webmaster online, so I want to write an article on the local


I’m located in Henan, Luohe province. This is a small city with a population of about 2 million 500 thousand, but here it is a local station and a local community…… No more, no more. I have been working in Luohe sub station of China market information network for the last two years. The company officially announced last year that it would stop running all its websites and that the company’s executives were also intent on bidding. I’m so lost, forced me to go to our local under another network company, the network companies in the two place of the local website operation, a local comprehensive portal website, a local entertainment community. I felt the company was ok, but their business was pretty good then. It’s a failure. I failed the interview. I think they shouldn’t be able to afford too many technicians. Some time ago, I opened their website again and found that the domain name had been pointing to a very junk shopping guide website, and their community was closed. Apparently, the company is closed, too……

, through the failures of our local two network companies, I’ll briefly analyze them. First of all our local population of only 2 million 500 thousand, local stations generally do business are in the city to do, never go to the township, removal of young people and the elderly, so that the real effective population is only 500 thousand or so. There has been a local Luohe port, and the Luohe port has been around for 7 or 8 years. It has already gone deep into the hearts of the people. It is a very successful port of information. It is invested by the CNC company. In the last two or three years, the local stations have sprung up like this. A large number of salesmen run all day long. How can we keep so many local stations with such a small population?. So I feel part of the network company to throw out is inevitable.

there are two or three small local portal website, the two or three is probably the person to engage in, because the whole system is a digital, just changed the LOGO and copyright, now also disappear without a trace. Do local station, you have to make their own characteristics, not just change a LOGO so simple. This stationmaster wants to think clearly.

Luohe information port, in fact, have already done what other places have to do, and the running business, they have actually ran several times. So it’s hard to get local people and businesses to contact a new site. Unless you do very distinctive, you want to do the Luohe port of information, now there is no thing, all of the Internet companies have not done so, in fact, largely follow the Luohe information port. So it’s normal for them to throw out one by one.

local station is still in the face of the crowd, the scope is too small, and witnessed the closure of the two companies, I no longer engage in local station work, and began to engage in their own websites. I just made another small website, "Dragon Emperor" is a Blog type website, such website although a lot of, but personal feeling >

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