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2014, the first week of November, all kinds of busy.

before writing this article, I would like to ask the students who are often writing articles. Are you the title party? What do you think is the most important thing about writing?

probably many people think that the most important content, of course, there are many people think that the framework of the article is the most important. In fact, these two statements can not be judged as wrong, because the starting point of the audit article is different, the result is different.

so, what’s the first important thing for the article,



not long ago, I did some mail delivery for a period of time. I sold the mask, but the subject of the mail had nothing to do with the mask. The reading rate was 80%. What’s the reason? Title?.

I use the title is some messy text, not handsome guy, that is beauty, very vulgar, but effective.

and when I use the mask as the subject of the mail, the poor rate of mail opening.


so, what title can attract users,


Mu Chun shared several ways to write titles. I think I can try it.

1, regular heading

this is the most common, the reader can guess the title of the article at a glance, suitable for general articles, and if it is soft words, it is not suitable.

, for example:

1, millet why not to the high-end market


2, P2P regulatory no solution, the law can be authorized for

two, with numeric Title

such titles are also common. For example:

1, millet valuation true value of $40 billion?

2 and Tesla market capitalization of $6 billion, which is right,

this kind of title is also more common, in WeChat friends circle, QQ space, and even some columns, can see more eye-catching figures, but by all means, not abuse.

three, question heading

this kind of title before I used, in hundreds of words will write before, dozens of articles are the title of question type title, very easy to use, click on the amount is also good.

four, bragging Title

headlines of this type are more common and have been abused. For example:

1, WeChat’s circle of friends marketing, I started from 0 to the monthly profit 5W

2, novice into the Amoy 3 months, the monthly water 10W, I did it,

how much did he do for 3 yuan and ten thousand dollars per day?

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