Keywords movie station beggar change Prince keywords keywords optimization analysis

do movie station for some time, the flow is not very big, there are a few keywords ranking has not been ideal, SEO is slow effort, anxious not to. But if you want to lead the flow, you have to do something else. At that time the Korean Beggar Prince is very fire, this is a drama, drama is the name of Japanese, Wednesday and Thursday meaning, which is the Wednesday broadcast Thursday, if wait for Chinese subtitles, almost 7-15 hours later. So grab this and give me a lot of traffic. The details are as follows:

registered BLOG matrix, then the content is published in advance, probably, the Beggar Prince qvod movie online watch and other words, waiting for Baidu included, or wait for someone else to find your article by BLOG BLOG, also has the skill, for BLOG, to join the circle, this is very important, for example, to join the movie circle and so on, the more the better.

2. Baidu post bar

wait to see Korean people very much, most of them are to Post Bar to discuss, so if the first time you must go to the Post Bar release, for example, the new cinderella man XX set, QVOD HD online watch and so on, and then use the multiple Baidu accounts published a different theme, of course, the link address is your own website, and register multiple accounts, and then stop to the top, the message, so you will be at the top of the post and reply, the more the more people see. Finally, teach you a trick, is to use the proxy server software, for a few minutes each time IP.

3. ask,

go to a big ask and answer. For example, they released a set of variable Beggar Prince XX? And then use another account login, and then posted their website address, and then use the original account to paste, so that Baidu can easily included in this article.

in short, with this method, each set of time will bring about 10 thousand and 5 of the traffic.

you can use this idea to do, if your station started, Baidu included not much, you can ask me, if you do stand do for a long time, Baidu ranking, no need for it, because it is too tiring!

finally makes an advertisement for his film site, qvod

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