f married sister Furong

recently learned that the domestic Mack daddy reputation network Reds Sister Lotus, to mass media public exit entertainment news, I feel very sad and pity. I know this is a bitter blow to all lotus fans, surprised as a bolt from the blue like. But I can do what what? Can’t do, just want to put some heart words with words, is a kind of.

‘s own comfort

is a network of Sister Lotus I most love the Reds, I love her obsession with beauty, love of life. Human behavior frankly, without affectation, in her embodied most incisive. From the first day she appeared on the Internet, I began to pay attention to her. Strong female China atmosphere, a new generation of beauty image out of the ordinary, all this makes himself deeply inextricably bogged down in. If one day, I can marry the wife that I do sister Furong, life. The network is a good platform, I need to borrow some words to help it in my heart all down today, so that all users can see, believe you will see



if I marry you, I have to do the first thing is to sell www.szbmin.com (Shenzhen convenience network, once someone 1W yuan, I will not sell), and always stay with you,

if I marry to you, after I get up to look at you still sleeping, see your lovely face, disorderly hair, there is a childish,

if I marry you, we can splash each other’s clothes and wet each other’s pajamas,

if I marry you, I’ll make breakfast for you. When you wake up, you can see the delicious food and the ordered dishes with dim eyes,

if I marry you, we will happily go out of the house, for the warm sky, refueling each other, together hard work,

if I marry you, at noon every day, I’ll pick you up at your office, take you to a hidden snack bar, or a decent restaurant, and enjoy romance and sweetness,

if I marry you, after work, we’ll go to the supermarket together, or buy some fruit and vegetable, or buy a little comfort,

if I marry you, and go back to our cozy little room, we’ll start in the kitchen together and make a big bang,

if I marry to you, after the meal we have in front of the TV, I was lying on the sofa, and you lying in my arms, if I marry to you, we can look at the news, with close attention to sports, or get some or romantic or comedy series,

if I marry you, maybe we’ll buy two computers, play games, chat, you’re in the bedroom, and I’m in the next room,


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