t’s not difficult to share some experiences of making money online

dream River: the Internet has many opportunities to make money, some people have earned, and some people are still exploring; although opportunities are everywhere, but not everyone can find and grasp. The Internet also has many about Wangzhuan " " the topic of discussion, someone has Shumenshulu, someone is still groping around. Do website, do Taobao guest, open shop, sale product, it is to hope to be able to gain, have income. How to make money through the Internet, what are the ways, this is always the topic. Today, Admin5 invited Liu Chang to share some of her experiences in making money online.

Liu Chang: Hello, I’m Liu Chang. It’s great to share with you the topic of making money online.

dream River: Liu Chang is on the Internet to do direct marketing, can simply introduce what is network direct marketing? What do you do direct marketing, mainly selling what products?

Liu Chang: the so-called network marketing, is the manufacturer of the products through the website of the platform directly to the consumer, I did last year to personal health care products, such as girls slimming, whitening, anti acne cosmetics, slimming coffee, the market demand is very large, formal manufacturers can do.

dream River: what are the main profitable projects that Liu Chang is making now?

Liu Chang: I am mainly doing product direct selling type of website, is a website, only sell a product, and then there is the agent of some brands to Taobao shopkeeper supply.

dream River: is to build a website, and then in this online wholesale a product, then how to find this product? Where does the supply come from?

Liu Chang: supply manufacturers best, if you can not contact the upstream manufacturers, you can go to the Alibaba, Ali investment platform, net of medicine, pharmacy and so on, local agents, you can find many channels, as long as you can think of the Internet, have, then not much use Baidu Search, Taobao, Alibaba, can always find you are looking for? Novice, you can do well and do their own agent, it has accumulated some money and experience.

dream River: the direct marketing website has been established, the product also has, how to do promotion,


Liu Chang: promotion is a sentence, two words I can’t finish, A5 has a lot of promotion articles, I summed up is to see more, practice more, do more. At the beginning, when there is no money advertising, do soft Wen, do more outside the chain, more advertising, money, it is best to buy traffic flow, do SEO, do blog, too much. You’ve learned how to use it. It’s OK.

dream Jiang: now the Internet can also see a lot of wholesale products website, is to direct it, but not very trust, because there is no credit system, Liu Chang’s website is the beginning to receive the first order? How to let users trust


Liu Chang: the method of payment by delivery is subject to inspection and payment within seven days

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