Jade B2C election mode in order to grow rapidly

has been doing jade e-commerce for two years, and here is also a little experience accumulated by ourselves, share with you:

1, the price is absolutely a great advantage in the economic environment of competition means! Especially in times of economic crisis, there have been plenty of media publicity in the coming crisis, these have so many ordinary people began to tighten their belts, then the first idea of consumption is certainly the price, you can grasp the price chain. Then you have to start the high-speed road.

2, the retail industry can make up of two numbers, one is what is a gross profit, the floating capital turnover rate how, although he gross profit margin is not high, but the transfer of funds quickly, also can roll up, look at the United States, Su Ningchang did not take the wind so big a dime. That is the liquidity dealers paid him money, bigger, so we feel his model has advantages.

3, when you see a business model, there is so much growth in the absence of advertising, the model is right, and we believe that the correct model is sometimes more important than human self-confidence. I think it’s very important to choose the right model if you want to start a business.

4, don’t underestimate the businessman, the simple mind of the businessman may not think so ambitious target, but he will keep a close eye on the profit and the circulating fund, don’t easily classify the person. Everyone has a place for you to learn, especially those who are small but slightly successful, who will help you think, help you learn, and help you move forward.

5, a group of able people together may not be able to do great things, must choose the right people, rather than select the able people.

6, a real entrepreneur, he’s not the only one who looks at the results. He must be the first person to work, the one who can push forward. Everyone can give you the right direction, but how do you do it?. Creativity, ideas, not the first, how to do well is the first.

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