Local websites encounter operational bottlenecks details and ideas innovation is the way out

on the Internet where the web site has been developed to the limit, almost every small town has its own local sites, and even some poor counties, Internet penetration rate is not high, also appeared in the local portal, which shows the local website thriving on the one hand, but on the other hand, local websites have to bottleneck of development, how to break the bottleneck of the local website, a problem many grassroots webmaster has become very concerned about the


many industry experts said that the local site appears in a short time and bursting bottleneck, the main reason is the Internet site types too easy to copy, if a local site fire, it will lead to numerous sites of the same type, so as to find a website program on the Internet, and then collect the appropriate content so, the local site construction, but this edifice built, because the foundation instability, it is prone to failure of the operation, so to get rid of the bottleneck operation of local website, it should be from imitation, find the road of innovation


so how to find the road of innovation? Many webmaster friends think, from the beginning to abandon imitate, take the road of innovation, the author thinks that, for grassroots Adsense speaking, on the one hand, the investment is too large, on the other hand, the energy will be enough, the best way is to find the innovation from imitation. The details of the innovative ideas on, this is the most cost-effective way of innovation, here I come to share my opinion


1: innovative ideas on website thinking


site has now appeared serious homogenization, both from the overall design of the site, or the entire operation ideas, there are thousands of times the difficulties, so we in the operation of local site, must be found from operating on the idea innovation, innovation and operation way of the general should start from two


one: to be alone into the team operation, many grassroots webmaster may think, set up a team, not need more money? But if you want to integrate some part-time staff, from the technical design to network operators, are on the Internet a lot of professional institutions and individuals that can help you achieve. You only need to put these different people knead into a core team, than you recruit some professional personnel, full-time website operation, the price will be higher, because can let each person in the team, to play the biggest advantage of your


second: Innovation of business ideas, ideas for the operation of the traditional local website, simply select a template, collecting some of the content, and then every update some false original, to enrich the site, and then go to the chain, do now is certainly not, more new content must be strengthened, should be repeated regularly update every day, and in other time, you can also open platform for members to update, let website showing a dynamic change, so as to attract popularity, "

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