How to identify sites and APP false traffic

one, the essence of traffic cheating

        1; the difference between human and machine?

true traffic is the real record of a person’s true behavior.

these words around a bit, I explain: the real person is well understood, we target certainly is true; then the real behavior? It is with the purpose and motivation of the real, make real network behavior! They browse, registration, visit and leave…… The behavior of these columns is true.

we observe the data to infer whether the behavior behind this data is real or natural behavior of the real person, so that we can know whether the traffic data is cheating or not.

The essence of

cheating is to imitate people’s behavior, but they always fail.

yes, if cheating simulation is successful, that we cannot go to the identification of cheating! Always cheating cheating, but means different! But also with the identification of false traffic cheating means to improve

more difficult!

2. When the customer settles accounts, what about the data?

How does

cheat? It depends on what data the customer sees in the settlement process.

if the primary flow data, such as IP, PV and so on. Then the cheater will focus on brushing the basic flow;

if the customer wants to see the event index. For example, click ads, then cheaters will target these events to cheat;

if it is some more in-depth, long-term indicators. For example, during the cooperation period of return visit, retention, active, etc., then the cheater will be false against these.

3, four elements of cheating!


, IP, Cookie, browser, Click are four elements of cheating!


cheating means nothing more than writing about these four elements,


IP: a junior cheater doesn’t want to change IP. At this point, you can detect cheating by checking IP.

Cookie: primary cheaters don’t go to the Cookie any more. This time you can detect cheating by checking cookie,

browser: Recently, Zen Buddhism was doing APP cheating analysis. Found that many cheaters directly use computer UA to brush traffic, and even simulate the phone, UA are too lazy to do. At this time, as long as the test, to see if it is mobile UA, you can detect cheating;

Click: what if the cheater changes the IP, clears the Cookie, simulates the mobile UA, and combines Click and three other elements?

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