Learn from the heroes in the valley hundred excellent contest

has recently been do not know what to do, today suddenly see stationmaster net to hold the third session of the SEO game, so I immediately decided to participate, and registered the domain name www.52gubaiyou.cn I spent 25 yuan of money, but I do stand still did not make money, although no money, but still attended, why? Because I lack of power, can participate in the competition my thirst for knowledge increased, forcing yourself to keep learning, and strive to improve their ability.

remember the last time I found a station to Zhang Xiaoyu do Baidu first in Baidu, I found her through the chain of QQ, and found her blog, unexpectedly, she also attended the second session of the SEO webmaster network game, I want to join but I am a rookie, what all don’t understand. So I learn slowly. Through observation, we found many things that we didn’t know before.

first, the website can be copied. Good structure, then do what station is good, ranking is easy to go up, Baidu’s ranking does not need any outside the chain, of course, except google. So we can learn from the ranking of good site structure, and then take to participate in the game.

second, do keywords can not be related to SEO, but the top ranking still need to improve the relevant content, to search target crowd view, can retain others browse web site, so ranking is good.

third, Google words, need a lot of the chain, so your network must be better, often check links, found abnormal, it is necessary to delete directly, and inform each other. Development is good, join Google administrator tool to verify, include a website to be adjusted quickly. Personally feel that such Google ranking will be improved.

finally, or that one, of course I want to first, but hopefully more will have disappointed, so I kept the location and we learn, humbly ask for advice, the latest reports and all of the site. Finally, I wish all the participants have the income and the enlightenment,


, if you want to exchange links, you can go directly to my site 52gubaiyou.cn message, or drink tea, chat can be.

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