Hefei city life website analysis and cooperation program sharing

of the Hefei city life Hefei network is an institution under the banner of the portal site Business Herald, the website mainly provides newspaper electronic version of the download and some Hefei people’s livelihood information, due to the diversified development, the leadership of the company seeking to find a breakthrough in the network, put forward to "press driven website, on the website for the newspaper added" so here is the website analysis and cooperation project of Hefei city life network.

1. Site architecture analysis, location,

analysis of each section of the Hefei city life net content and column structure in the system, each section of business and Herald – urban life guide of the newspaper’s content after a preliminary understanding of the website and newspaper content for your company. Hefei city life network since its establishment in 2008, and now the website column content and website program architecture has been basically mature, but there are still some places need to be improved in order to better sustainable development. Here are some tips for my summary of the site.

lacks accurate positioning,

After carefully looking through the Hefei city life network,

draws the conclusion that the Hefei urban life network lacks precise positioning. According to the website content, website daily traffic should be in 300-500IP, to improve site traffic, it is necessary to enhance the website quality, improve the quality of site requires accurate positioning of the website, the website first need to understand the precise positioning of the following questions:

1. which users are concerned about the Hefei urban life network, the precise user groups of the website is what?

2. understands the purpose of the user login website, why do they log on Hefei city life network, what attracted users?


3. what ways do they visit websites and what services can websites provide for them?

What is the core competency of

4.? Will the existing content of the website retain and increase the user’s new business?

first of all, the Business Herald, the urban life guide, is a comprehensive newspaper of life, entertainment, people’s livelihood and an organic whole. Hefei city life network as a multimedia information platform of Business Herald – city life guide, the website in addition to download the PDF version of electronic journals and periodicals cover display outside no other representative content on the site. At the same time the news site in addition to copy Business Herald – city life guide information, as well as from other websites and newspapers to copy the news, if Hefei city life is a network of newspaper news digest station, then the site is not professional.

from Hefei city life network program and set up the website title looks more like a Hefei portal, but as a portal website, although no complete features, news content is in a complex, wide and complicated situation. News content of the site is visible in China, Sina, and China, and they are more professional and authoritative. Then, what is the bonding degree of Hefei urban life network for Internet users?

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