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The so-called

link refers to the connection point to a target from a web page, this can be another ", it can be different from the same location on the page, can also be a picture, an email address, a file, or even an application to object. Hyperlinks in a web page, can be a piece of text or a picture. When visitors click on the text or pictures have links, link will be displayed in the browser, and according to the type of object to open or run.

in accordance with the link path is different, hyperlinks are generally divided into the following 3 types: internal links, anchor links and external links.


if the object is different, the links in the page can be divided into text hyperlinks, image hyperlinks, E-mail links, anchor links, multimedia file links, empty links, and so on.

outside the chain = others praise you

authoritative website outside the chain = experts praise you

lots of chains = lots of people praise you,

regular increase in the chain = boast you more and more people, very stable and reliable

within the chain = oneself boast oneself more, do the chain = more self introduction = others more easily understand what they are.

with reasonable outside the chain, you can get the ideal ranking on Baidu, the chain must be the keyword anchor text, otherwise the effect of discount. Whether it is Baidu or Google, the anchor text attaches great importance to, or else the word segmentation effect is discounted, the husband has only once cited an example, there is a student often send a person’s anchor text, pointing to Baidu home page. Later, Baidu search this name, Baidu home ranked first

so, which word do you want to use? Which word is the anchor text keyword

?I want to create a

such as the word Guo Yeye experts appear in Baidu promotion so I have words on Guo Yeye anchor text to my homepage on other website to stay outside the chain, the anchor text is Guo Yeye, pointing to my home. Over a period of time, Baidu search Yeye Guo, the first is the site of my home is just an example, although less precise but generally operation process is this there are many links such as the Baidu home page "Baidu space" link anchor text keywords is "space", then we link to in Baidu search space you can see the link on the first page of Baidu space.


above is the form and effect of the anchor text but green outfit to say is a text description and the chain to form a scale to exert its effect, this ratio should maintain the 28 law, which is the ten link two description text, eight links, we often call this the golden ratio! I have analyzed hundreds of sites, most sites are not adjusted this proportion, so there was a lot of Web sites.

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