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recently I made a World of Warcraft site do not have 1W January to flow, I’m here to talk to you about I do stand experience, I have put my optimization technology have been sorted out, if there is a place to write what is not good, please understand that I was a rookie, I leave my QQ:342767277 we can exchange some time.


submits the sitemap file to the search engine. For the beginning of the site, you can go to YAHOO statistics, Google Webmaster tools, Youdao, Baidu, live above to submit your site information. This initiative can be relatively fast, so that search engines to include your site.


insists on updating every day. For a search engine, if your site is updated frequently, it will frequently catch your data, and vice versa. < the best is original, can also be pseudo original (to other people to steal modified, it is best to change the title to the keyword you need), it is best to Baidu index check what the long tail word index >


website program optimization, in order to help SEO, so this site’s html is using div+css; in addition, the entire site layout is concise and generous, don’t appear too many pictures.


do the reverse link, this point is very important, since the beginning of the search engines do not know your web presence, so the high quality backlinks to your site search engines. (in the CSDN, blog, and other large websites enjoy a reverse link < Sina as the main >).


promotion, the above work is done, and if you have good means of promotion can also make you twice the result with half the effort. My experience is in the Baidu post bar, Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, enjoy the network to do some advertising. In addition, if you can, insist on every day to their QQ group advertising, don’t be kicked, face thicker.

hope you read this article. Your station traffic will be up soon. Good luck.

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