You want to know how to be included in Baidu

you want to know how to be included in Baidu? First you can look at the following, look at your site meets the requirements included Baidu, if Baidu robot love your website will include you, if there is no place to seize the time to correct:

Baidu to webmaster Site Guide:

how to make your site is effectively included Baidu


adds title to the text for each page. If it is the front page of the website, the title suggests using the name of the site or the name of the company / organization on which the site is represented; the remaining content pages are subject to refinement and generalization of the text. This allows your potential user to quickly access your page.

please don’t stack text independent keywords in the title.

ensures that each page is accessible through a text link. Baidu can not identify the links in Flash, the links on these units point to the web page, Baidu can not be included.

links between pages, try to use plain hyperlink instead of redirection jump. Pages that use automatic jump may be discarded by Baidu.

minimize the use of frame and iframe framework structures.

if you are a dynamic web page, control the number of parameters and the length of the URL. Baidu prefers to include static web pages.

on the same page, don’t have too many links. On the site map type pages, please give important links to the content, not all the details. Too many links, may also lead to Baidu can not be included.

what kind of site will be welcomed by Baidu,


site should be user oriented, not search engine oriented. Welcomed by the users of a site, search engines will eventually be welcomed; conversely, if your site has done a lot of optimization for Baidu, but it brings a lot of negative experience to the user, so your site may still be the ultimate Baidu snub.

Baidu prefers pages with unique content, rather than simply copying and repeating pages already available on the internet. For the content has been repeated a thousand times, Baidu may not be included.

please be careful with your site link. Making links with some junk sites is likely to cause a negative impact on your site. So when someone enthusiastically asks you to provide links to his site, look at the following two points:

one, the other side of the site in his field is high quality, the webmaster between the so-called flow and ranking, many are obtained by deception, can’t keep long.

two, the name of the link requested by the other party is commensurate with the status of the other web site. Use a wide range of keywords to make a link to a very limited site

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