Stand age is the website operation killer by stand age is the key


age this word should be a familiar word for the webmaster, each site has its own age, but the age for the influence of the website how much do you know? I recently from multiple sites summed up the impact on the site development old site, below let us look at the specific analysis.

With the improvement of

algorithm and Baidu Google algorithm, the sandbox effect has become more and more prominent, before Baidu for a new station will be in the next few days will give included and ranking, and now a new station often have to wait for a long time to get the Baidu spider crawling and give the position, can be seen from the new webmaster need patience is more and more strong, in the face of this situation when we build the site will continue to choose a relatively long age station website development.

February he set up a website, the name is zhuanqianzhidao.Com, the web site of the chain is also up to more than 1000, all content is original, and at the top of my website in front of the website is always Super but finally I use the tool inquires about the history of the site, the site has been found in the other 2 years of history but, my site is only two months, obtained through a series of analysis conclusion is that age affects the website ranking. So many webmaster will ask questions, how can you find a suitable station age website? The following author analyzes several points:

A search for

. Age should pay attention to whether the site real station, there are a lot of domain name merchants have a lot of domain names, domain names and some have several years of history, but their hands are not to use the domain name of the website, but always put it there. This domain name age has no value, because the search engines do not know your website, not to crawl your site, if you use the domain name to create a new site with the similar weight may not wait for the new high, included the time may be longer.

two. The old station second choice points is whether the site was collected, many sites in the establishment of the process due to their own reasons by search engine K, many of them do in three and five years of the site, in the face of this situation to buy friends website should pay attention to check whether the site is K, if the site is a a K site, so that the domain name not worth mentioning, because the site selection of such sites, search engine spiders will crawl in a very long period of time, not as a new station to get the attention of search engines.

three. Stand Age sites also need to pay attention to the credibility of the site in the industry, many stand age longer site is the former owners give up because of reducing the credibility of the reason, in a search engine to search the site will pop up many deceptive language, that the site is deceptive and so on, if you buy this the site and time to develop? People come to you every day a lot of trouble, so the site can also be.

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