Website filing proposed system changed to website responsibility system

below for the web site for some of the ideas for reference:

1. website service and operation monitoring process


Overview of

2. website responsibility system


works to develop rules that regulate illegal websites and penalties.

each unit is responsible for its own customers / users. After the problem, it takes the corresponding responsibility and accepts the punishment. As shown above, from the top down, from bottom to top to ensure that the submission of the guarantee, and to ensure that their next level has a true contact information and identification.

3. monitoring mechanism

² build blacklist library

²: anyone can report illegal websites and reward the first one to report them.

² recognized as illegal websites, entered the blacklist, and punished, software + manual, regularly check these sites.

4. website responsibility system benefits

² each link units only need to guarantee the upstream units, punish the downstream units, and the whole process is less work.

² extracts a portion of the fee from the penalty (a penalty of 1/10, such as a penalty of 5000, 500), and effectively monitors illegal websites.

² because the process is relatively simple, so for new sites can be quickly opened.

5. enterprise site with the original, photographed in person

to the site responsible with original documents to take pictures, I guess if the space is not local, the establishment of the enterprise network, many customers will die, and time, manpower, communication costs of small network company is too high. free information release platform, welcome to discuss, reproduced,


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