WeChat public number on how to stick it up hundreds of fans

as we all know, Baidu products have always been given a high weight. Among the many approaches to WeChat’s promotion, the use of Baidu’s platform for the promotion of public numbers can be twice the result with half the effort. WeChat fans do, we do more is Baidu paste bar, library and Baidu know. Here, I share how to use Baidu post bar to promote high-quality fans.

one, post bar account name and public number

stick account and Baidu is the same account, so in the registration account must be fully considered. The QQ number, the name of the post bar, matches the name of your WeChat public number. If we are male fans in the male users more post bar inside the post, then we need to try to make their account of women.

two. Stick account number Avatar

we say that a person’s image is mainly manifested in the face, and when we determine our online communication standard is our head, we are in the promotion of Baidu, we can use a beautiful picture as avatar. Some people may feel that the use of WeChat’s two-dimensional code is more conducive to promotion, which is obviously correct. But we also need to consider the user experience. If the light is a two-dimensional code head, then the marketing purpose is too strong. We can P two-dimensional code, and get a nice border, so that users are also easy to scan attention. The picture is so important, it is through the analysis of the past, we have this feeling in May in their QQ friends, when we see the head of friends is a beauty, so we will not think to look at the space, so we head is very important.

three. Post Bar account information perfect

our Baidu account information needs to improve is to the needs of users, we may find ourselves now is WeChat QQ or the other, I would love to see each other’s data, we may be the most attention of sex and age, so that when we set the data we need to put their own personal information try to improve, the best data is female, and our academic good packaging. In this way, we will display the perfect side in front of the user.

four. How to choose Post Bar


we all know, Baidu post bar quantity is more, and the popularity difference is also very big. So choose good stick, it is stick to promote the most important aspect. So, how should we choose Baidu stick,


1. content to be related, that is, you choose the post bar must be related to your public number, this is mainly to consider the post bar users and your fans needs.

2. see paste bar popularity. If a stick does not have any popularity, nor can you give the public number to bring how many fans?. Therefore, you must choose a certain popularity of the post bar, but you do not think that the higher the popularity of good, some people stick it!

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