Network remediation came to an end the webmaster is about to usher in the dawn of hope

article "punish the Internet behind the scenes person: Li Yizhong" attracted many people’s attention, the Internet behind the figures finally appeared. The network remediation movement, the most injured than the vast grassroots webmaster. The Internet is designed to crack down on illegal information on the Internet, but innocent personal websites have been implicated and suffered a fatal blow. So remediation, Adsense miserable, hundreds of thousands of grassroots webmaster survival precarious, facing unemployment.

according to a survey from the private sector, was closed in the website of the reason on the list, 42% of the owners because the innocent, 21% said owners suffered repeatedly broken network examination, 13% of the owners said that since the broken network has not reopened after inspection. Among them, the information for the record accounted for 5%, involving Huang accounted for 3%. In order to combat 8% of the network’s bad information, it seriously affected the normal access of 92% of the websites. For personal sites, the site can not visit three days, Baidu included on all deleted; worse, blacklisted by Baidu, may not be restored for 35 years. Once the site is closed, chances of survival are almost zero.

A paper off the Internet "

caused by such bad situation is the Ministry of industry minister Li Yizhong command network supervision mode so across the board, resulting in a lot of personal websites have fallen in danger of collapse. Li Yizhong from the "shut down small coal mines to close the copycat machine" to "close the Internet" was criticized, many people and even, in fact, power had not arrived. This "shut down the Internet" will inevitably be written into the network history, continue to recruit future generations. For the webmaster, this is a devastating blow, so that pedestrians to supervise the pedestrians, the industry has been a sad, let a tough person to manage, but also drowned.

China many years of reform and opening up, the Internet as the forefront of reform and opening up, broaden people’s horizons and changed people’s life, but the network campaign for a long time, make the network almost stagnant. Relevant departments of the "one size fits all" supervision, eager to resort to tools, wanton destruction of the law of development, seriously hampered the development of the network. China’s millions of grassroots Adsense, although limited contribution, but also played a catalytic role in the development of the network. Now, under the command of a paper network campaign, completely obliterated the head of personal achievement, personal webmaster cornered, called illegal network information, but completely against the grassroots webmaster.

grassroots Adsense survey shows that the mentality of the doldrums, the webmaster has reached 45%, 30% of the webmaster is still watching, optimistic about only 25%. If from the clean network environment, personal website is bound to actively cooperate with the relevant departments of remediation, together to build a harmonious online community, but the legitimate website was innocent, and the interests of the webmaster who to protect?

this Thursday (12.24) at A5 forum will organize the baby activities, invited the police officer – Yu to discuss the current Internet >

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