Personal webmaster don’t dream and youth bet on the web site

I began to have gradually to the webmaster this year I have greatly discerning and apprehending, after years in the Internet marketer, when back to think about themselves, feel particularly want to say some truth to those beginners make friends, hope you can from my experience, how much inspired, perhaps I do not speak well, you don’t agree, but I really look at a don’t throw a brick.

, in Chinese you do not think that you can do for a stable life and high income, you must not feel what is the Internet elite, that other people rushing in reality have no future.

don’t know if you know, we Chinese millions of websites, 70% is a person in the operation, even a project team are not, and have to bear a website all the development, operation and promotion tasks, how many personal webmaster in zero after Jujing will still lie in God in front of the computer. Usually in addition to sitting in front of the computer is to eat and sleep (if there are other people cooking, so you have been tired in that kind of rest, not tired immediately sitting in front of the computer’s state).

is more terrible, the interpersonal relationship will bring you in contact with a single, in addition to online who never met the webmaster, your circle of friends small and single, or even destroy your original love (imagine, because your website, can not accompany girlfriend, your girlfriend is not for you to squirm).

maybe you got the income, but you have lost freedom to enjoy life, if you do more than a year, I think you will soon understand how much you want to in a place for a long time to know some friends, some time life wish.

is to our lives and relationships, those engaged in other industry friends, than we have more time, even if they sometimes work time and life time are compatible, they can work, understanding all sectors of the people can know all kinds of friends they say, more rich and development opportunities frankly than we are, as long as they like us hard work. (there is a diligent ordinary man, if he change places, he will immediately become a hard-working and outstanding person.


two, do not think that the site is a technical activity, in fact, who do the site, the better the technology, the faster the death.

, it’s impossible for most people to write a more powerful masterpiece than discuz to show your talent. Even if you can write it out, it doesn’t make sense. You can’t convince others to use it. What you need to do is to deliver the available source code to the space as requested, modify the website information and the channels, and then a website is born. The most is to change the template. When you’ve been doing a site for a while, you’ll see that technology like "website" is not really Technology (not including professional website development).

if you’re lucky enough to have been in an Internet company, you might think they’re all tech people

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