The film station’s love story

today do not want to talk about the hard work of website, not to talk about their own understanding of the network and views, all technical problems temporarily put aside, just want to talk about as a student station identity I, how is love?.

origins · encounters

, her name is Ling Ling, a little more junior than me, all in the same school. She’s pretty cute, and she knows the web design competition at the Computer Society:

day preparing for the gala. Before this, I already know the prize, in the evening the day before the QQ group together to discuss tomorrow night at the awards night, I always be "crap" more and more people in the group, just a lot of McCain, suddenly found a MM. The group said, when her works may not wish, (MM, how can I just let it go) is "exaggerated" comforted her, told her to live it…… Maybe she thought I was more fun and talked to me too (then she told me it was because I was talking too much and exaggerating)… Some places may speak too exaggerated, and group inside a bunch of people on my angry look, then I added her private chat… And then make an appointment to call tomorrow to see the award party, by the way, tell each other the phone number, convenient to contact.

then the evening of the second day held a gala, very happy with my work won "best Popularity Award", because too many people in the party, we could not find each other, communication in the message, after the end of the party because we also need to race to stay, so I put her down me downstairs. When I first saw her, he is very interested in, so cute, I love this little girl, I thought, if I have such a lovely girlfriend, how wonderful, I asked him to go to the street to eat our snacks Glutinous Rice Balls evening (in fact, began to think if not satisfied greetings a few words sent her back to her, but I have a crush on her) and then because it is too late (below is for me), she can’t go to school, but her home in the city of Nanning, and then I’ll take her When we got on the bus at our school gate, we chatted freely on the way. It felt like being alone with her……

dating · communicating

goals after I began to attack, second days (if it is third days, do not remember), I excuse her school there to do some documents (in fact to see her is the main road), I made a little more about love rouma SMS to her…… About her out for dinner, she is shy of say why you made such a message to me Oh, I have seen you feel shy, I said it was my psychological ah, what they want to say. She smiled…… That night she was invited, because before she said to please me, then I will respect her, after dinner I went back to my school, I asked how she felt for me, "she said SMS reply feeling for you.

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