The fastest growing ten largest Web technology in 2011

W3techs website named in 2011 the ten largest use of the fastest growing Web technology, this article compiles it for your reference. Note that the selection is based on a survey of the top 1 million popular websites (based on Alexa Statistics). Click here for detailed statistics.

below is the top 10 Web technology with the highest growth rate in the top 1 million popular websites in 2011.

1., jQuery

jQuery has added a staggering 145300 places in the top 1 million popular web sites. That is, in the past year, 398 websites have started using it every day. JQuery has now reached 42.8% usage on all sites. Its market share is 84.1%, and many people see it as the de facto standard of the JavaScript library.

2., UTF-8

UTF-8 topped the list last year and is becoming more and more popular. Last year, 826000 new sites chose to use it. More than 2/3 websites now switch character encoding to UTF-8.

3., Google, Analytics


Google Web Analystic tool has now been used by more than half of the sites, and has gained 57900 new places in last year’s 1 million list. Not all private visitors are welcome, but it’s really a good Google tool.

4., Nginx

Nginx now has more than 10% websites in use (up to 25% in the top 1000 popular sites). In 2011, 41200 websites began to select it.

5., WordPress

The user base of

WordPress added 26800 lists last year, and continues to dominate the CMS web site, accounting for more than 54% of the market.

6., JavaScript

JavaScript has always been the most important Web client programming language. In 2011, 26500 websites began using it. Still, it’s surprising that 8.9% of websites still don’t use JavaScript.


in 2009 I had predicted that XHTML would decline, and I was wrong. The XHTML base is still widespread, with 26400 new sites using it last year.

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