Operation in the hand travel company what exactly does it play

the author of this article briefly introduces the situation of hand travel, and explores the role play and the content of the operation in the hand travel company. Next, as a hand travel operation of the elderly, he will tell you in detail.

Mobile Games is a tall on the gold industry in the eyes of many people, especially now often appear in newspapers of the king of glory, let more and more amateur or APP counterparts, that Mobile Games is a can make people rich overnight industry. Is that really the case? The answer is, of course, true, because a game and salted fish turn over, and go to the top of life example, but quite a lot. But that was before, on the current market situation, to build a burst of hand travel, almost impossible.

is now relying on the promotion of hand travel, we make the game, both from the quality, or the gameplay is almost no big gap, then what players play? To see who has more money, more exposure. As a gamer, do you really think your game is your choice? It’s too naive. Most players don’t know what they want, and when he goes to the game, he usually sees the recommendation and goes down there. Why do so many publishers to crush it to grab Apple’s list, it is for this reason.

this article briefly introduces the situation of hand travel. Then, as the operation, in the hands of the tour company actually play what role? What kind of work do you do? Next, as a hand travel operation of the elderly, for everyone to talk about.

hand travel company’s architecture

APP application development framework of the company almost, also by business, operations, planning, technology, design and lovely girl as well as the administrative, financial, I think the game company’s financial compared to APP applications, to stimulate more fun, after all the promotion period, motionless million promotional budget is not a joke, you know this is a week or four or five days spent. But with the aspiration of the game, a month income of tens of millions of large is possible, and realized that the number of money a few hand cramps.

, the business is responsible for external, contact channels for promotion. Planning is the overall framework of the game building and numerical planning. Technology is the planning of demand code form is realized, and the design is good with the flesh, such as Meng Meng Da Angela. The operation is well, the co-ordination of the above all the positions of an angel, ahem, I said is true, all operations are the wings of angels.

operations and relationships with departments

operations and business

in hand travel company, operations and business with the most closely, business is external, the operation is within, and the external information to the interior, that is, the responsibility of the operation. When I do the game operation, the business will get information, such as rating requirements, rectification suggestions and other channels feedback suggestions, finishing to the planning, internal >!

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