Webmaster voice we are not closed not that we fear

nearly a week of rain and weather has finally passed. Today, the sky is finally covered with sunshine and clouds. In fact, rain or shine is fine. It doesn’t have much impact on us. Do web site, especially personal Adsense, who is not every day in front of the computer, two ears don’t smell the window, just want to site strong and big.

is not really closed. Walk on the stationmaster this road, decided, even if the scenery outside again beautiful, the outside world again lively, again wonderful, we can only be a passer-by. Because the website, there are too many things waiting for us to deal with.

left us, the website is like losing the baby and mother to shelter; we regard it as a career, to leave it, is equal to the previous efforts all cast to waste.

or that sentence, the revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard.

did not succeed one day, and we still have to face the square screen, still have to stay in the studio. Even if it is successful, we will face more challenges, such as, malicious hacker attacks, some with the slander and libel, these will come with the development of the website.

because this is our business, we must maintain it as often as our own children, as guardians. There may be family complaints and complaints, but now that we’re on the road, we have to make sacrifices. In fact, we also want to travel around, we also want to sit in the winter sunshine in the warm sunshine in the lawn, we also want to accompany the family to live happily every day.

isn’t really what we’re afraid of. The road of life is endless, if it is our loose, lead to the loss of a website, it is not terrible. This is because there is fruit. Afraid afraid, those unknown to the moment is K. A friend who has known it knows how anger and pain can be.

so we broke out all our complaints and even lost some sense. Because of this, we can spit the long pent up grievances. How many webmaster, how many times complain, how many times helpless wandering?. At night, still angrily sigh. The sites on the K post has no reason to be numerous, the price is still.

however, it is gratifying that we have seen a lot of articles about how websites aren’t being K. Not to mention the usefulness of these articles, but at least the once indignant sighs have been transformed into a question of thought. By K, lead to the webmaster’s thinking. A new look at oneself. In a new height to look at themselves, in fact, K is not without a reason.

think of a sentence, attitude determines your life height.

quotes a quote:

the difference between a successful person and a loser is that a successful person always thinks in the most positive way

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