How to grasp the idea of company name

how to give the company a better name, these are actually ideas, many people want to do a good job, but because the idea is not correct, leading to greater impact on business. So, how to grasp the idea of the company named? And let Xiaobian to introduce you.

company name, mainly includes three aspects:

1, company name ownership mark

2, the company’s special affiliation

3, the name of the company reflects the scale of nature

these three aspects, the degree of impact on the company’s shop name is different, and, with the development of society, some of the content has become the name of the factors need not be considered.

ownership mark on company name

is currently a very small number of shop names to take the form of tags, and the vast majority are unmarked.

The two problem that

should pay attention to is:

1, collective and individual stores never take the form of tags. So without a name that "collective" or "individual". This is actually a manifestation of identity consciousness. In the past a long period of time, only the "state" is worthy of publicity, and "collective" and "individual" is always so difficult to speak.

2, some names have a special show that the ownership of their own, the purpose is to attract customers. Because in today’s fake popular, true and false economic life, indicating that the state of the word can give consumers a sense of security, so that they are more willing to come here to spend.

generally, the larger scale store, they should be with a certain seriousness in the company name, this is the objective need of. If it is larger, but it has a very lively name, it may give people a sense of reality.

but that doesn’t mean that large companies have to face up to their names. You know, the name is too serious, can not reflect the characteristics of their own business, but also allow customers to produce a thousand people away from the feeling.

so, do not think it is a company, when the name is very serious, in fact, the company’s long-term development of the store is very unfavorable. In short, the name of the larger companies shop, should take into account the seriousness and lively type, especially in the embodiment of their own operating characteristics and approachable aspects to spend some thought.

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