Lenovo suffers from anxiety disorder

believe Lenovo mentioned, people will think of the domestic support technology brands, the pace of development actually Lenovo very awesome, but now in major foreign brand competition, the big problem of Lenovo’s future Gairuhezou become Lenovo thinking.

and most of the science and technology Internet Co, Lenovo people’s sense of belonging to witness a national brand become known to everyone overseas in ten or twenty years. People see it in 2004 before the acquisition of IBM, then support the Olympic Games, to become an international brand; after 2010 came in, see the mobile Internet early scenery, see Moto "we received more than HP, DELL and PC No.1 become the pride.

in Lenovo, may be only ten years old Lenovo employees confidence will dare". Over the course of ten years, they tend to go through 2-3 important milestones and 2-3 close to business changes or big layoffs. What is more important than witnessing is that those who were left were the participants of the great age.

Lenovo in recent years in the mobile Internet and many changes and twists and turns, old Lenovo pride, are not willing to complain. Earlier, a joke circulated in BAT such ridicule Baidu: BAT three, Baidu employees often claimed to be from BAT (while the other two will be directly from the Tencent / ALI). This also seems to apply to Lenovo: in the context of public expression, claiming to be the world’s top 500 or top 300 is a more comfortable area.

you will rarely see Lenovo people use MacBook, they prefer black think products; but also in the system, the popularity of iPhone and several domestic mobile phone brand is not low. There are also stubborn employees who buy their own company’s latest flagship for generations.


lenovo mobile phone, the best of times and the worst of times

11 years ago, when a new employee joined Lenovo in the design of mobile phone, the staff told reporter Lei Feng: this may be the time to participate in the domestic mobile phone design good opportunity, because there is no domestic excellent mobile phone manufacturers. There are also a group of colleagues who want to do things well.


(the years) at 2G to 3G conversion time, the lack of 3G terminal. (10 years ago) and China Unicom to customize a thousand machines, a 3.5 inch screen, dual card.

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