Hubei found a large number of prehistoric jade craft exquisite or rewrite the history of jade

days ago, Hubei Shijiahe sites found a number of prehistoric jade, the jade rich type, craft level is superb, shocking. Experts said that this batch of jade or rewrite the Chinese jade culture.

China rewriting of the jade culture understanding

Tianmen Shijiahe site from 6500 years ago began to have people living in this life, about 4300 years ago to reach the peak, the entire group of sites from 40 sites, covering an area of about 8 square kilometers, is the national key cultural relics protection units.

Shijiahe Neolithic site group found in 1954 with the archaeological survey of water conservancy project, a large-scale group of sites in 1955 were more than 10 times the system of archaeological excavations, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River is the largest area, the highest level, the longest and best preserved prehistoric settlement sites. In 2001, was named as one of China’s 100 major archaeological discoveries in twentieth Century.

2014, Hubei Provincial Institute of archaeology after a lapse of 20 years after the resumption of the archaeological site of Shijiahe, November 2015 archaeologists searching for large buildings in the city center area of Shijiahe Tan Jia Ling ruins, accidentally discovered 9 urn coffin, 5 of which were found in all types of jade objects, more than 240 pieces of jade. Previously, Shijiahe site group had found a two batch of 201 pieces of jade, many countries are associated with the Hubei Museum, the unearthed jade jade, jade Ruyi, conjoined double head, face a double headed eagle.


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