Lei Jun readme suffered a painful failure of College Entrepreneurship

Many people want to start from scratch, set the wolf, in today’s business community, this is a very unrealistic thing. In particular, I would like to ask: why can not you do the ability and resources on the accumulation of entrepreneurship? If you think the opportunity is rare, why not try to convince more people to start the business after the resources?

I participated in the founding of the Jinshan software, joyo.com, as angel investors invested a lot of successful entrepreneurial projects, it looks very cool. But in fact, I have had a very painful failure. Entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, we must think clearly, do a good job and then ready to start.

some people in order to feed their families forced to venture, some people in order to face and vanity blindly to start a business, such a business is bound to be very bumpy!

bitter experience of College failure

I went to the computer department of Wuhan University in 1987. Wuhan is the first batch of the implementation of the credit system in University, as long as the completion of certain credits to graduate. Just go to college, I asked for more stringent, they began to take a lot of high school courses. It took me only two years to complete all the credits and even finished my graduation project.


is a crash, my grades are good. In that year, "PASCAL programming" course homework, the teacher felt very good, selected for the next version of the teaching material demonstration program. According to later you said, I was one of only two students in twenty years took the "assembly language programming" full mark. At that time, I am fond of writing program, the teacher has in the laboratory "bubble" for more than a year, the various laboratory "operator".

finished college for two years, I have been satisfied with the campus life, to make a living away from home. Ranger of the year, the following necessary equipment: a broken bike and a broken bag, the bag at least two boxes of disk and the installation of a very thick reference book Programming three. Wuhan University dormitory to Sakura electronic street, not far away, but need to walk for forty or fifty minutes, the bicycle became the necessary equipment, recruit new bicycle thief, so the best is a "broken" bicycle. The best computer was 286, memory is only 1M. For a master, all common software must be owned, at least 20 floppy disk. Compilation tools, there is no programming interface information, there is no electronic version of the book, had to stand a few thick programming information. At that time, the quality of the book is not high, the content is not complete, there are often a lot of mistakes, at least need to look at three contrast. It’s not a comfortable thing to run around with three thick books. It was at that time that I made up my mind to write an error free and comprehensive programming book that would allow all programmers to take only one book. This book is my colleague and I co authored in 1992, in-depth DOS programming.

so, I rode a broken bike, carrying a large disk and reference books on the package, began to make a living in Wuhan street.

just started, my idea is relatively simple, as long as you can learn something, do

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