nventory to join women’s brand stores need to pay attention to the problem

with the development of society, people demand for their basic necessities of life are constantly improving, especially women, their needs will become increasingly high, so the brand shop more and more, but for general managers, a lot of people for the clothing industry is not very understanding, for more details of the women’s franchise is little is known about the. Therefore, the case of fraud or failure abound. If you want to do this line, we must first understand the line. Here are some of the notes on the women’s franchise:

A, manufacturers:

credit?How to


operating strength?

4, the current women’s shop operations, and sales policy especially how to close with your city

shop?How to


6, service support is more or only a little, for the novice’s chances of success have great differences. The education and training is essential for modern business management procedures, the only way to improve the quality of employees, there is no way at least to be very clear about how to improve their performance and customer service.

two, women joined the product:



2, women joined the price in how you choose the values in

competitive advantage?

3, women joined product integrity and continuity? Look at a few years ago and after a season of


4, clear positioning of


5, women joined the product quality and price gap between


6, or choose some different style ladies joined Brand Company study

three, part

: dress shop

In fact,

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