Henan Jiyuan the city’s scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurs to prepare spree

new year, with the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the units are the official start of the 2016 work plan, Henan Jiyuan City Festival opened a new journey of innovation and entrepreneurship, new policy incentives encourage entrepreneurs to go on.

2 14 July, the Jiyuan Municipal Bureau of tourism is brimming with the happy atmosphere thick, because after the first day of work, they will usher in a new spring Opener – Jiyuan successfully created the first "national global tourism demonstration area". The cadres and workers of the Bureau said, continue to promote with full field integration, regional development, integration of all elements of the whole scenic sightseeing, vacation, urban and rural leisure and the "three carriages", will make Jiyuan more quickly to the global tourism "deep water area".

in the integration of urban and rural Office of Jiyuan City, more than a dozen staff are busy working. Deputy director of the office Zhang Nianqin told reporters: "according to our custom, afforestation, land remediation, remediation village and water conservancy construction work started in the four year of October, May June to September basically completed, inspection and acceptance, and spring is the prime time to implement the four tasks. We’re going to have a whole city operation right now and we’re preparing for the meeting."

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