How much does it cost to open a jewelry store

women’s market is now a hot market, but in such a market which is not easy to open a jewelry store, how much money to do? Open Home Furnishing jewelry store how much money? Home Furnishing accessories by many consumers, chic lighting, exquisite murals, cleverly designed CD racks, antique small shelves are cuddly, open Home Furnishing jewelry store how much money? How to open the shop open Home Furnishing? Home Furnishing jewelry store is the most potential project period the.

how much money?

: simple decoration, decoration costs should be within 5000 yuan.

certificate: business license to about 600 yuan.

: to maintain liquidity in the 5000 month? 10000 yuan, can deal with the travel expenses and payment.

Manual: 800X2=1600 yuan

utilities: less than 500 yuan


in the location, money that doesn’t have to be in the downtown area, the main consideration is whether there is a new store around the development of the residential area, Home Furnishing jewelry shop must rely on residential areas can keep tourists. The decoration of the store to warm the main tone, on the wall hung a few murals, pay attention to lighting effects, people feel soft and warm. The best spirit of the "light decoration, re decoration" principle, because the store can be displayed as an ornament.

and open Home Furnishing jewelry store should especially pay attention to the art of language, when the customers to buy a piece of jewelry, to give customers to point out the position and significance of the decoration in the room are placed in the cause of customer Association and for commodities like.



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