How to open the shop just nine steps

e-commerce in recent years is very fire, a lot of friends want to enter this field. Investment to open their own shop, easy to make money. So, how to open shop? Need to pay attention to what the problem? Xiaobian to introduce the detailed steps.

A, with my ID card, it is best to have a copy of ID card;

two, to a nearby bank to open a bank card, recommend the state-owned banks, workers and peasants in the construction of four lines is


reference model;

four, to counter with the staff said, you want to buy things on the Internet, and also need to open online banking services;

five, set password, bank cards and online banking service, remember the password associated;

six, log on Alipay’s website, registration of new users, according to the prompts I fill out the relevant factual information, registration is complete;

seven, log in again Alipay, apply real name authentication in my account page, follow the prompts to complete the true information about himself, successfully submitted


eight, see Alipay log personal online banking remittance to 1 to 2 working days, if this is similar to the 0.05 yuan   landing – Alipay – Certified Digital Input – 0.05  on your Alipay mail – click activation system will automatically return to the Alipay page – successfully activated!

nine in Taobao, upload the number of ten or more baby, you can free shop!


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