Shop to do business should pay attention to customer suggestions

customers will make recommendations, it is natural that the store’s services are not in line with their needs. Once a customer has this idea, it is inevitable that other customers will have the same idea. So, after the recommendations of the customer, as the owner, naturally should pay attention to it, so it will help the long-term operation of the store. In short, we need to pay more attention to the shop business advice.

"boss, the doorstep of your store is a little high, and every time I ride a motorcycle to the door of your shop, you can’t go on, it’s easy to ride a little flat." Hearing this, I immediately realized the high stakes in the doorway. My mind suddenly reminded people often mention the phrase "my site I call the shots, however, with the continuous improvement of living standards, the market competitiveness continuously attacks, for retailers is my site customer call". Sometimes, a good customer to remind or complain, will bring great help to the retail. Today, we invite people to open their hearts to talk about those things encountered in business.

Henan Nanyang cigarette retailer Liu Ziying

shop for nearly 10 years, I usually pay attention to their own image, every day to find ways to pack their own. Because the owner’s temperament directly affect the store’s business. Once, I stood at the door to play, come over a man and a woman, I heard the man said: "in this home to buy a few packs of Huang Jinye (Da Jinyuan)!" The woman pulled the man’s arm and said, "don’t go, the smoke cabinet in her house is not good, and the cigarette box is dirty." Then walked into the hotel, and soon bought a few packs of cigarettes out.

listen to the customer’s complaints, I do a good job, so as to remind and urge yourself to make the shop more beautiful. See light suddenly, the original only pay attention to their own image is not good enough to smoke his Cabinet do clean, can let the customer with. So, I spent 1600 yuan to purchase two group China red as the background of the cigarette smoke push cabinet, store the cigarette samples according to Chen Liechu color collocation. There are also conscious of the new cigarette next to paste on the hot words. At first glance, it is very beautiful, clean and comfortable, no one complained that my shop counters bad cigarettes, poor health, but also to buy high-grade cigarettes.

Shandong Dongying retail Household Zhang Yuli

my shop opened in the countryside, the villagers are mostly in contact with the village every day. Once, the world was light rain, the village has a uncle to my shop named to buy Taishan (red general), I hurried to stand up to uncle smoke. Uncle took the smoke, after paying the money, see the store is not very busy, and I sat down to chat for a while. Because I often deal with uncle, a long time will become an old acquaintance.


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