How to carry out fresh food store operations

in order to successfully open a convenience store, and now many people are choosing to join this entrepreneurial way. In the convenience store on the big market, a lot of people to learn 7-11, but I do not recommend blindly learning, because of the class structure of the 7-11 class, the structure of the target category is more than 4000 yuan revenue target customers.

we are now a lot of retail giants have opened community stores, we do not learn these, they come today, has been away from our real needs. From the category structure, to the entire gross profit structure, is not suitable for our business.

healthy fresh


community store operators need to be more precise positioning, from sales accounted for the proportion of area. First determine the proportion of sales, more than 50%, or to say that there is no problem to reach the number of 50%, do not worry about a lot of people talk about the proportion of fresh accounted for the gross profit will be low, often this idea is wrong.

a lot of people only know that fresh is poly passenger, but often overlooked a problem, we need to improve the quality of life.

There are several aspects of

we need to do now: the first one is the fresh function must be clear, just want you to start fresh definition of attraction when this stage is to enhance the quality of the customer after the past life stage, so after second stages is the profit stage. The second is the team building, you want to achieve gross profit margin of the entire industry average of 20 points, you need to have a team, not the food to the pendulum can reach 20%.

in addition to the team, but also a technical support, and now because of technical factors leading to the low level of fresh gross profit enterprises everywhere.

Another trend of the development of the

community store is that due to the population density and living habits, it is the inevitable trend of the development of China’s retail industry. Fresh health products is the biggest growth point in the future, the highest value of customer expectations is not the price but health.

to base procurement is not bad, it is not to say that the origin of procurement is not good, you can not afford to buy a car sold? The reason is that we now store the fresh technology and skills are not in place, when one day sales of thirty thousand yuan, 15 thousand fresh, now sold only 5 thousand, the reason is that the details and technical skills are not up to our ideal state.

as the bottle is the same, we a lot of goods on the table, I want to buy a lot of goods to your shop, I had no what to buy, I want to buy ten items, but now only three, this is the bottle in the bottle is blocked, but things are very much.

if you want to get through the bottle shape

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