Underwear store six site selection skills

women’s underwear market competition is very intense, many entrepreneurs want to open a lingerie store to start a business to get rich, and the first step is to face the problem of siting. Open underwear stores, site selection is crucial, master skills necessary.

now women’s competition has been very intense, a lot of friends start underwear franchise business, now on the site note how to open a franchise store lingerie and underwear franchise stores to explore together with investors, hoping to open a franchise store underwear friends.

1, urban and regional planning

2, underwear to join the chain from the bus station as close as possible

named "TOD" oriented, namely underwear franchise business subject to the bus lines. Because, the bus site flow, the surrounding underwear chain will naturally be favored. Underwear to join the chain of investors in the investment, we must first understand the city, especially the future planning of the region information, and public transport planning is the basis for its address.

3, the "golden point, silver edge, belly

to select "angle" and "edge" on the bunk in a street. "Gold, silver edge, belly is the site selection, the shop in the popular commercial secret. The benefits of a commercial street is not equal, the shop on the corner shop is the first choice. Because the corner sink four people, people should be based on a long time, so the corner underwear franchise because people will bring wealth more prosperous.

"edge" refers to a street on both ends of the berth is in the crowd into the port, is just entering the street traffic with interest, high intensity of stay time, underwear franchise business which thrive. "Belly" refers to the middle part of the street, because of traffic dispersion, shopping, walking to the frail and the decline in interest underwear franchise business difficulties.

4, select low not high

5, underwear chain stores and business requirements

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